Oooooo, We’re Blushing!

Wow! Twice in one week! We can’t believe it! A big thank you to Madeline over at Fleshbot for her mention in Friday’s Sex Blog Roundup. We can’t believe it, really! We’re blushing with pride but don’t worry, the only swollen head will be the head of my cock when TW slips it into her hot, steamy pussy. 😉

Speaking of TW, her surgery went well. We were home before noon and she hasn’t had to fill her prescription for Vicodan. I told her she should do it anyway just in case I need it once I start my adult league activities. Her hand is bandaged up but we’ve been able to slip in a couple of very hot, very orgasmic sessions. In fact, the one was so hot, I shot a double load of come down my baby’s throat. As usual, she swallowed it all. We kept mostly to spoon position with a wonderful CG session that featured some nice spanking with a wooden ladle. In fact, it was while I was spanking TW that I came. Something about that forward and back hip movement just does me in.

LP had a tournament today (Sunday). Her team finished in third place (we think) and she was named tournament offensive MVP! She had 12 goals with 2 assists in 5 games. We didn’t even know she had won until she went back to pick up something she left at the fields. That’s when she found out. To say TW and I are proud would be an understatement. LP was quite proud as well. She has another tournament in two weeks. Hopefully she’ll do as well there since that’s a major recruiting tourney. No pressure though.

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