Happy Thanksgiving

Hi Everyone,

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day in the states. TW and I wanted to say we’re thankful for all of our readers and especially for the folks who take time out of their busy days and make comments. Of course, we’re also thankful for all the fun sex we have! Amen!

So, have a great weekend all. We’ll leave you with some humor….

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Giving Thanks

And orgasms as well! TW and I got in a wonderfully hot session this morning. TW didn’t think we’d get it in, but hey, that’s what comptime is for, right?

I woke up to find Mr. Happy, well, being happy, and was determined to use him to pleasure my honey. TW slowly awoke as well, and exclaimed her joy upon coping a feel of Mr. Happy’s happiness. She snuck down to give me a quick lick before mounting up CG style. Oh my baby did ride. She slowly slid down until her pussy lips touched my balls. We fucked nice and slow for a bit and TW had some nice orgasms.

We then switched to spoon style and I really pounded my honey’s cunt. I could feel her pussy gush as I pumped her hard and fast. I alternated my strokes, starting off slow and deep, then switching to short and fast. Back and forth I went, alternating slow and fast, deep and shallow. TW was in a constant state of arousal as her orgasms overwhelmed her. She was moaning into her pillow as I fucked her. I roughly handled her breasts as well, tweaking and pulling on her nipples, making her come again. I love the feeling of her tits in my hands. I’ve always told her that she makes my palms itch. There’s just something that feels so right having my hands  around  her titties

I then pulled out and TW quickly moved into position so I could eat her. “You read my mind!” She exclaimed, as I dove down between her legs and feasted on her cunt. TW was wet and horny, two of my favorite conditions. I lapped and licked and nibbled on her clit and tongue fucked her pussy, as she screamed out her orgasms into her pillows. We had to interrupt our fun once or twice to reposition ourselves on the bed. Damn I just love eating her pussy. TW’s pussy gushed all over my face and beard and I had a smile on my face the whole time. As I ate her, I was really working her tits. I squeezed and fondled them roughly as I continued to pinch and twist her nipples. TW’s orgasms were very powerful. Her legs were wrapped tightly around my head and she continuously humped her hips over my lips and tongue. She kept telling me how great it felt to have me between her thighs again. I couldn’t agree with her more!

TW then switched positions again so we could 69. Poor TW. She’s so frustrated that she can’t open her mouth like she wants to. She’s still a little sore from the dental work so opening wide is out of the question. So, I enjoyed her soft, butterfly kisses along my shaft as I continued to orally pleasure her pussy. From time to time, she would nibble on the bottom of my shaft, just below the head. I could feel my cock get harder, if that was possible. DAG used to do that as well, due to her inability to suck on my shaft because of her asthma, and I’ve always liked the feeling of a tongue there. TW had her most powerful orgasms in this position as sucking on my cock gets her extra horny. Once again, her legs were wrapped tightly around my head and she ground her cunt against my face. I was in heaven! I love making her come.

All too soon though, TW was getting sensitive so we stopped. We took some time to cuddle before trying to get back to sleep, but neither one of us was all that tired so we got up and started our days.

This morning’s session followed last night’s all spoon, get our asses to sleep session. I fucked TW spoon style until we both just drifted off to sleep. It looks like we’re back in the saddle again. Hopefully, we’ll be able to sneak off from the family sometime this weekend, and fuck ourselves silly. One can only hope.

No Sex But Mojos Back

TW and I were too damn tired to get in on last night. I picked up CB from school yesterday and that was an 8 hour round trip. So, needless to say, Mr. Happy was asleep last night when we headed off to bed. We tried again this morning but sleep overtook both of us. I do have to say though, that the spirit is there so once we get our mouths healed up and get some good sleep, we should be ready to go full steam ahead. Of course, TW’s period will probably arrive or I’ll go into one of my moods and we’ll be back to square one.

I do have to admit though, even though the flesh is weak, our mojo is ready to go. Both TW and I are horny lately, we just don’t have the energy to act on things. It’s all good though, the energy will make a comeback. While searching for something recently, I came across a set of nipple clips that we haven’t used in a while. I need to get some pics of TW wearing them. We haven’t taken photos with this set before so it’ll be a nice change of pace. I still owe TW her birthday spanking as well.  As you can see, we’re backlogged on some stuff.

I’ve also noticed a change in my sexual preferences. The SILs have finally died the death they deserve. At least in regards to my fantasizing about sleeping with them. It’s got to the point where all they do is annoy me. I’m sure TW’s happy about it but I’m kinda sad in a way. They were such a LARGE part of my fantasy for so long that it’s kinda like a death in the family. I’m also losing it for some of the folks at work as well. I’m finding it harder and harder to fantasize at all and that really makes me sad. Even thoughts of TW getting gangbanged are hard to think up lately. THAT’S really scary too! After all, if a guy can’t fantasize about his wife getting fucked over and over and over and over and over by all types and sizes and colors of cocks, taking facial after facial, taking photos and posting them, then what the hell can he fantasize about. I must be getting old.

Getting Back Into Things Slowly, VERY Slowly

TW and I had our first, post surgery, sex session last night, right before bed. It was a slow motion, spoon style, fuck session that saw TW have her first orgasms since last Saturday (before the surgeries). We purposely took it slow as to avoid causing any more damage to our sore mouths. We both wish our mouths were sore from overuse due to wild, crazy, orgasmic oral sex. I mean, I could really get into a pussy lapping session and I’m sure TW misses being face fucked. Oh well, all it good time.

We both reported throbbing in the areas where the teeth were removed, but there were no popped stitches or bleeding. Mr. Happy actually quit on me last night! BASTARD! I mean, here we are giving him the best pussy he’s had in a while and he wilts. FUCKER! Luckily, TW had a couple of good orgasms before then. Hopefully, the slow start will mean we’re heading toward a more active sex life again. I really want to face fuck TW until I blow a load all over her face and tits. I really need to get down between her thighs as well. Oh well, all in good time I guess.

Mmmm mmph mmmpph mmm mmm mmph

TW and I will be down for a bit.

Both of us visited our local torturer, aka the dentist (“Is it safe?) We had teeth removed. The two of us look like demented chipmunks, cheeks puffed out and trying our best to communicate with others. It’s quite comical really. Anyway, the bad news? No sucking for either one of us. Yes, that’s right, neither one of us can suck on things for two weeks! WTF? That’s just cruel and unusual punishment in my book.

Anyway, sex is out right now as well as we don’t want to pop our wounds open. Yeah, we know, the wounds are in our mouths, but the way she orgasms, she’ll pop that blood clot right out of the wound and be bleeding all over the place. We can’t take that chance. Even worse than that? I can’t climb between my honey’s thighs and orally pleasure her until she passes out. No sucking for me either. Plus, when her legs clamp down around my ears, we run the risk of popping my blood clot as well.

Sigh. It’s gonna be a long two weeks.