Best Laid Plans

Don’t always pan out (but you already knew that didn’t you?) TW and I managed one session for the entire weekend. Last night’s session featured some spoon and a bit of CG before we both fell fast asleep. Luckily, TW had already dismounted before that, so there was no head bumping involved. Let’s see how the weekend evolved shall we?

Friday, TW and FB worked in the garden. By the time I got home, TW was pretty wiped out. Then, later that night, I had, what we like to call around the M-D household, an incident. I won’t speak of it here other than to say we’ve had a lot of fun making fun of it. Let’s just say I went crazier than usual.

Saturday was spent stripping caulk from around the tub and shower while TW was out running errands. She then came home and cleaned up the area in preparation for my caulking on Sunday. The rest of the night was spent lieing around doing nothing.

Yesterday was caulk the shower and tub day while TW worked on cleaning up her desk. I took a late afternoon nap before taking LP to practice, then picked her up later on. LP did the driving to and from practice. She’s doing very well I must say and is very comfortable behind the wheel. She’s even driven on the expressway several times. It’s too bad she can’t get her license sooner than she can but, that’s the breaks.

Today my back is bothering me a bit but otherwise I feel fine. Okay, I’m still a bit tired too. TW’s period is due soon so I don’t know if we’ll get in another session before then. We’ll just have to wait and see.

I did have a most exciting dream the other night. It involved E, from work, and myself doing quite a bit of oral in the office. It was all oral sex, no penetration whatsoever. It was quite erotic and sexy. Alas, it was only a dream.

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