Hot Office Sex

Well, at least in our minds. TW’s period has been slow in starting, so we were able to get in a hot session this (11/11) morning that featured a rousing blow job and finished up with me dumping a big load of come in my honey’s cunt.

It started off with TW’s lips wrapped tightly around my cock. Her dick stiffening skills are wonderful and I was hard in no time.

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TW quickly mounted up CG style and we were off. While we fucked, TW was telling me a wonderful tale of office sex, featuring herself and the ladies from my office.

The fantasy started off with just her and me. We were in my office, TW spread out on the desk, my face buried between her outstretched legs.


I continued to eat her to one orgasm after another. Well, we must have been making too much noise because there was a knock at the door. It also appears we forgot to lock the door because it was soon opened and in walked one of my female co-workers. Of course, she was wearing a short skirt, stockings and a tight shirt (my wife knows me so well) TW asked me who it was and, for the life of me, I couldn’t think up just one name. I mean, there’s S, SC, TT, E and several others that quickly flashed through my brain. Luckily, TW didn’t press for a name and continued her tale.

After discovering us, our female companion joined in. Soon, I had two tongues working on my cock and balls. Pretty soon the ladies were kissing each other and suckling on one another’s breasts. We then moved things to the conference room where even more ladies joined us.

TW then told me she envisioned me, in a rolling chair, going from one woman to the next. Eating them and fingering them to one orgasm after another. There was so much noise that soon, male members of the staff found us out.


I came when TW started to tell me how the guys were fucking her and coming on her face and tits and in her hot mouth.

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I pumped my baby’s pussy and spewed my load deep in her cunt. TW moaned and came like crazy. I pulled back on her pony tail and she came even harder. I continued to come in her pussy as she talked about how great it felt to have all that come on her face and tits.

The session finished up with me sucking on TW’s tits while she fingered herself to another powerful orgasm.

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TW and planned things ahead of time. She had brought a towel to bed so we were able to clean up right away. We then drifted off to sleep some more.

It was a pretty good start to our days and portends a very active, period sex, cycle.

Oh, and to top it off? E is wearing a mid-thigh length skirt today.


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