Full Moon Fever – 11/13/08

I find myself in a very down mood today. I couldn’t understand it, especially after yesterday’s feel good dog petting session. Then, I checked the lunar calendar. I’m in the midst of Full Moon Fever! As of 6:18 UT this morning, full moon fever is upon me. To be quite honest, it snuck up on me this month. I thought I had another couple of days to go. Of course, the weather has been crappy around here lately. Lots of clouds, little clear sky at night, it’s no wonder it got here so fast.

In checking blog stats, I’ve noticed we haven’t had a huge increase in visitors despite the fact we posted pics the past couple of days. I was wondering what gives? Then, I checked the referrer sites and noticed that YouPorn/sexblogs is still the number one referrer here. Unfortunately, they’re linked to an old post from last week. They must be giving up on sex blogs or something as their sex blogs site has not been updated since 11/6. Too bad, those folks coming here are missing the most up to date, over forty married sex sessions. After all, they link directly to the old post. They don’t get to the front page unless they purposely go there. Again, too bad for them. Of course, it is skewing the popular post totals. Oh well.

Hope things clear up for me mentally tomorrow. Till then, take it easy folks.