Mmmm mmph mmmpph mmm mmm mmph

TW and I will be down for a bit.

Both of us visited our local torturer, aka the dentist (“Is it safe?) We had teeth removed. The two of us look like demented chipmunks, cheeks puffed out and trying our best to communicate with others. It’s quite comical really. Anyway, the bad news? No sucking for either one of us. Yes, that’s right, neither one of us can suck on things for two weeks! WTF? That’s just cruel and unusual punishment in my book.

Anyway, sex is out right now as well as we don’t want to pop our wounds open. Yeah, we know, the wounds are in our mouths, but the way she orgasms, she’ll pop that blood clot right out of the wound and be bleeding all over the place. We can’t take that chance. Even worse than that? I can’t climb between my honey’s thighs and orally pleasure her until she passes out. No sucking for me either. Plus, when her legs clamp down around my ears, we run the risk of popping my blood clot as well.

Sigh. It’s gonna be a long two weeks.

4 thoughts on “Mmmm mmph mmmpph mmm mmm mmph

  1. MCB: We each had one taken out but it wasn’t the quantity, it was the quality that did us in. Mine was the upper jaw, back of the mouth. TW was put under but not me, so I was able to drive us home. TW had a lower jaw molar removed. The swelling is at least down today, plus the drugs are very, very, VERY good. 😉

    Alfie: Yeah, the dentist is such a killjoy. Ruined all my bondage and face fucking plans for the next week or so. TW and I are NOT waiting two weeks.

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