Getting Back Into Things Slowly, VERY Slowly

TW and I had our first, post surgery, sex session last night, right before bed. It was a slow motion, spoon style, fuck session that saw TW have her first orgasms since last Saturday (before the surgeries). We purposely took it slow as to avoid causing any more damage to our sore mouths. We both wish our mouths were sore from overuse due to wild, crazy, orgasmic oral sex. I mean, I could really get into a pussy lapping session and I’m sure TW misses being face fucked. Oh well, all it good time.

We both reported throbbing in the areas where the teeth were removed, but there were no popped stitches or bleeding. Mr. Happy actually quit on me last night! BASTARD! I mean, here we are giving him the best pussy he’s had in a while and he wilts. FUCKER! Luckily, TW had a couple of good orgasms before then. Hopefully, the slow start will mean we’re heading toward a more active sex life again. I really want to face fuck TW until I blow a load all over her face and tits. I really need to get down between her thighs as well. Oh well, all in good time I guess.

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