Happy New Year!

TW’s period is due today. We got in a very nice session this morning. TW wove a tale of me fucking several different women in the forest preserves, including a red head. Did I mention I love this woman? Needless to say, all that fantasy fucking got me excited and I spilled a nice, big, sticky load in my honey’s cunt. Of course, I was horny to begin with this morning, due to a dream I had.

In the dream, TW was fucking a guy (nobody we currently know) on the side but I knew about it. He kept rubbing it in my face but I was just happy that TW had finally got the courage up to fuck someone besides me. I was hard as a rock when I awoke so I put my hardon to good use and fucked TW silly. She had several strong orgasms even though Mr. Happy got a tad bit soft since I had a hard time concentrating on which fantasy fuck I should follow. Should I concentrate on TW’s story, continue my dream with a daydream, or think about titty fucking X? Decisions, decisions. Luckily, TW decided for me when she mentioned the red head. I could envision my cock pumping in and out of the woman’s swollen pussy. Her tits dancing around delightfully as I fucked her faster and faster.

Hopefully, TW’s period will hold off and we can get in a New Year’s fuck. One can only hope!

Speaking of New Year’s,


New Year’s


TW and I hope that each and every one of you have a happy and prosperous 2009. Be safe tonight if you’re going out to celebrate. TW and I might go see some friends. If not, we’ll be staying home and leaving the bar celebrations to the young. Knowing us, we’ll be asleep by 11:00. 😉

I’m not making any resolutions or setting any goals for myself this year. Why bother? I’m only gonna fail at them anyway. I’m feeling especially doomy and gloomy regarding any sexual goals/fantasies I’ve had in the past. Let’s face it, TW’s gangbang will never happen, I’m not going to get to see the SILs tits, I’m not going to fuck any one else that I want to. It’s all bullshit. Maybe it’s time I grow up and quit trying to relive my youth. I’m thinking I need to focus on other things than sex. Like making money. Dreams die hard but I think it’s time.

Sad, so very, very, very sad.

Great (Dirty) Minds Think Alike

So, what did YOU get for Christmas?

TW and I were very much in tune this Christmas’ gift selection. The “after hours” gift giving session was full of fun and silliness. I got TW a new vibrator (a nice, waterproof rabbit for those early morning, get ready for work, shower sessions)


a soft cat o nine tails whip (it has soft, pussy willow like, things on the end of the tails)


and, my favorite gift, a small rabbit vibrator that plugs into the cigarette lighter in the car.


That’s gonna be sweet on our upcoming road trips!

The ever dirty minded TW got me this,


a remote control egg. Oh, the fun I’m planning on having with this! She told me in no uncertain terms, “not for use at family parties!

I said, “Come on! You’re taking all the fun out of it!

She just shook her head and said, “No!

I guess I’ll just have to save it for a night out on the town or maybe for one of our walks in the woods. Yeah, that’ll do just fine!

Thanks to all of you that voted on last week’s poll. It was close, but Yes outvoted Giggity, giggity, giggity 8-4. Alas, I did not get my  year’s worth of flashes. However, in defense of the SILs, I didn’t ask for it. I’m tired of asking and I guess I  realize what TW has been saying for year, my SILs are boring and unadventurous. X and Y were buttoned up nice and tight. It’s funny, X used to dress all hot but now she gives lectures to TW about how she should act her age and not show so much cleavage. Hypocrit! I’m sorry that you let yourself go but don’t take it out on TW. Z was showing a bit of cleavage but I didn’t look all that much. As Queen often sang, “I want it all. I want it all. I want it all, and I want it now!

What Do You Mean I’m Out Of Vacation Days?

TW and I hope all of you had a great Christmas/Holiday break. Ours was filled with family and the occasional melt down but then that was to be expected. Unfortunately, I have to work three days this week. I used up all my vacation days on, well, vacation. It’s okay though, it’s a light travel week, a slow work week so things won’t be so bad.

TW and I did get in a couple of nice sessions over the long weekend. We had a nice slow, loving CG and spoon style session, and one hell of an oral session that featured TW almost sucking the skin off my dick. I think I’m bruised! It’s all good though, you certainly won’t hear me complain. Especially since TW just about passed out while I was busy licking and sucking and lapping at her pussy. I’d consider that a very successful session. 😉

Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Merry Chrismukkah, Festive Winter Solstice & Saturnalia, Happy Kwanzaa, Merry Festivus, Happy Boxing Day. Did I cover everybody? It’s so hard to tell these days. Anyway, Happy Holidays everyone, whatever you celebrate! TW and I hope your holidays are fun and festive and safe.

Since TW and I are Christians, we celebrate Christmas. Look what Santa left us under the tree this year!

sexy-holiday-honey-005 dsc_0012

dsc_0048 dsc_0096

Of course, we immediately got into the Christmas Spirit and gave each other “special gifts.

dsc_0055 dsc_0100

“Shot Down In Flames…Shot Down In Flames…”

Ain’t it a shame, to be shot down in flames…”

Not by TW, of course, but by Z, in my dream last night. That’s right, I’m now being turned down in my dreams by my SILs. We were at someone’s house. I asked her to flash me. TW was right beside me and Z said no. Just like in real life! I hate when real life fucks up my dream life. It’s not fair! Damn, I need a fucking vacation and I mean that literally.