Wild Night Is Calling

Well, as wild as it gets for two tired old farts like us. Still, TW had some very nice orgasms and I got the opportunity to fill her mouth and tummy with my come.

The session was all about quick fun as both TW and I were tuckered out. However, it was a very spirited and very orgasmic spoon session as I fucked TW hard and fast and deep. We also had a great 69 session that featured my tongue and her clit, and, my thumb and her pussy. I must have been doing something right since TW’s orgasms were quite intense. The session was further heightened, later on,  when I grabbed a handful of hair and pulled. TW went ballistic and came like the slutty bitch she is. Her pussy gushed around my cock as I pumped her. I then had her suck my cock so I could come in her hot mouth.

She went right down on me and it didn’t take long before I was coming. I told her what a hot, sexy, cock sucking whore she was as I exploded and shot my load deep in her throat. I had my hands firmly wrapped in her hair and forced her face down on my dick. She loved every last second of it! When she finished licking me clean, we kissed, cuddled up and quickly fell asleep. Nice way to end the night.

3 thoughts on “Wild Night Is Calling

  1. I’m home alone reading this, more’s the pity. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: You are one lucky, lucky guy! I hope Emma gets home soon before the effect of reading your post wears off.

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