Aural Sex

TW and I had a nice little session this morning. I was on my way into work and my honey was home. She called me up and I could tell right away she was playing with herself. I knew she was horny today. I got treated to my usual flash before heading off to work but, after retrieving the newspapers, I also got to suck on those beautiful breasts for a while as well. Plus, her period is just about over.

As I drove in traffic, I got to listen in as TW pleasured herself. Like I said, as soon as I answered the phone, I knew she had her hands in the cookie jar. Her voice was low and dreamy. We talked back and forth and soon, Mr. Hitachi made his appearance. Oh, the orgasms my honey did have. None of the kids were home so TW was free to make herself scream and damn, did she ever scream!

While she played with herself, I told her about how much I want to take her out into the woods and fuck her face. I told her how much I love it when she sucks my cock and how fucking good she is at it. I could hear her excitement ratchet up a notch and I took the opportunity to tell her how I was going to come on her face and tits. Then I told her how I was going to make her walk back to the car wearing my come for everyone to see. This really set TW off and she had her most intense orgasm of the morning. She was actually screaming as she came. It was very hot and I was very hard.

I told her I’d be thinking about her all day, rubbing my cock as I sit in my office. I’ll be fantasizing about her covered in come, walking out of the woods, everyone’s eyes on her. Yeah, it’ll be sweet!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to play with myself. Hope I don’t get any service calls while I’m rubbing my cock. Or, maybe I do. 😉

UPDATE: If you already haven’t seen this check it out. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

Did you watch it? That little short describes my early dating experiences with DAG. I laughed so fucking hard while I watched it. Hell, I’m guessing if it wasn’t for the Zolie (Zoloft) I’d still be doing it. Just ask TW.    🙂

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  1. That sounds like a wonderful idea. But it’s unlikely to fall within my experience. I do wish Emma would take time off to pleasure herself instead of doing the ironing and stuff!

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