Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow

TW and I will be separating today. It’s been coming for a while now and today it’s come to a head.

I’ll be on the road picking up CB from college and she’ll be at work. Had ya worried there didn’t we? Late tonight, the family will be complete again. It’ll be nice to have everyone together again.

Hey, here’s some DUH news, from the school of the bleeding obvious, for you:

More Sex Means Less Stress

I mean, really now, did you think they spent millions of dollars figuring that out? Talk to any woman who’s SO falls asleep on them right after sex (and yes, that happens to me) and they’ll tell you “of course sex relaxes you.” Me? I’m planning on having a relaxing holiday season by fucking TW and her sisters. Well, one of those things will happen anyway.

Have a good day folks, talk at ya tomorrow. Oh, and thanks to everyone who stops by our little horror show on the web. We passed the 700,000 mark yesterday. Can’t be too much longer till we hit 1,000,000!

Thanks again everyone! Oh, one more thing, leave more comments, thanks! 😉

UPDATE: Almost forgot to mention, my adult sports league is a no go. Evidently there weren’t enough crazy old men, like me, to fill the openings. Damn! I was so looking forward to getting out there and playing. TW says it’s a sign that I should get into shape first so I’ll be ready for summer. Bah! I wanna play now!

4 thoughts on “Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow

  1. It’s only been one semester; but so far, we’ both been able to make the drive to retrieve our son. It’s going to be a long drive when I have to do it by myself. We’ve been inseparable for so long I rarely make long car trips by myself these days. I do most if not all of the driving; but I dearly enjoy the company.

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