All The Best Laid Plans

Well, unfortunately, TW did not get a pearl necklace last night. She didn’t even get laid! FUCK! Or not, as it was. Since my men’s league was canceled due to lack of participants, they held an open shoot around (kind of like an open gym). CB and I went and LP joined us after her practice was complete. We had a pretty good time goofing off. I played goalie (not too well I might add, although I did hold my own) and the two kids shot on me. I’m a bit sore today but I feel pretty damn good! Plus, I worked up a nice sweat and didn’t have a heart attack! YAY!

Unfortunately, I was also pretty damn tired last night. Poor TW was also tired, but she was at least trying to get some. She was holding on to my dick and stroking it, but Mr. Happy was having none of it. TW was also pretty wiped out (she had a busy day from hell) so we both fell asleep, my dick in her hand. Not the results we were looking for. Maybe tonight.

The photo group has turned out to be a bust. Neither one of us has the time to sit and review it so we deleted it. We may post pictures at Flickr but that’s pretty much up in the air as well. You’ll just have to be content with the ones we post here, for now. Maybe we’ll win the lottery and have the chance to retire and do nothing but take photos. That would be nice! 😉

2 thoughts on “All The Best Laid Plans

  1. Hockey,
    I was wondering what sport you where doing.

    Hey, just send all the photo’s to me, and I’ll “Review” them for you, then you could put them into the photo group. Just want to do my part in helping out. (don’t count on the lottery, thats my goal)

    I’m confident that you and TW will be able to take care of business tonight, so have a good one.

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