“Pearl Necklace. She Wanna Pearl Necklace…”

TW got her pearl necklace last night. It was hot, wet, sloppy and oh so sexy. I was surprised we got a session in at all. I had a total failure of my home servers hard drive. Total as in all data was lost. FUCK! Fuckity, fuck, Fuck, FUCK! Luckily, I had not erased the original drive that this one replaced so I’ll be able to get the data back as of mid last month.  As it was, I was distracted last night when we headed off to bed and had ourselves a nice,  short, but definitely H O T session.

It started out with some wonderful 69 action. TW needed to have her kitty licked and I needed a distraction to get my mind off lost pictures, school work, etc. I dove right in and made TW come fairly quickly. She quieted herself (all the kids were awake) by sucking my cock deep into her mouth. Her muffled moans around my cock as she came just spurred me on, and I attacked her pussy with renewed vigor. Her cunt got sloppy wet very quickly as I tongued and nipped on her clit and pussy lips.

We soon changed positions and I fucked her spoon style. She had to use her pillow to quiet her screams as I pounded her hard and fast. When I grabbed her hair and pulled, she exploded. Her whole body shook as I pumped her cunt and pulled her hair back. Her pussy gushed around my dick as I fucked her silly. All too soon though, I felt me orgasm coming on.

I asked TW if she’d prefer to wear or swallow my come. She quickly told me to come on her and so I went to get a towel and she assumed the position. When I returned, I found my honey on her knees next to the bed, ready for her necklace. I dropped the towel in her lap, grabbed her head and pushed my cock into her mouth.

TW opened wide and I gagged her a little bit. She soon got into her rhythm and was deep throating me in no time. As she sucked my dick, her left hand was busy beneath the towel, working her clit and fingering her pussy.  I felt myself ready to come so I pulled out and jerked my throbbing cock. TW was encouraging me by talking dirty, saying how much she loved the feel of my come on her body and how good it felt to have her hands in her pussy.

I reached the point of no return and aimed for her chin. BULLSEYE! The first spurt hit her in the chin and leaked down onto her tits. I aimed the rest of my load for her breasts and covered her with my come. TW was having a very violent orgasm, courtesy of my hot come and her busy fingers. Her whole body went rigid as I dumped my load on her. Every now and then, she’d open her mouth wide and I’d manage to squeeze some come on her tongue. This set her off again and again as she moaned and writhed around on the floor.

TW had one last orgasm as she cleaned my dick off. She looked so fucking hot, lieing on the floor, covered in my come. I used the towel to clean us off and, as soon as our heads hit the pillows, we were in dreamland.

Needless to say, it was a great night’s sleep.

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