Was It Good For You?

Last night’s session was very tame compared to our recent activities. We had a nice oral session to end our days. I ate TW to several orgasms and we both quickly fell asleep. Mr. Happy wasn’t a factor at all since he was asleep for most of the action. It’s all good though, I made my honey come and that’s all that matters to me.

We got quite a surprise yesterday in the mail. It was a family photo Christmas card from our good friend’s sister. The sister is quite fetching in a low cut top. She’s got nice cans for sure. She’s not well endowed but she sure had them presented nicely. The fact that it was a family photo made it all the more erotic for me I guess. The woman is not known for showing off. The best part? TW couldn’t wait to show me! She told me I was going to love it and damn I do. Every time I passed the desk, I had to take a look at it again. Sweet! Hell with the visions of sugar plums, I was thinking about some serious titty fucking. I think I have a new fuck crush in this one. Someone has to replace the SILs.

TW, what a woman! Not only does she sex me up on a daily basis, but she hips me to the most delightfully, sexy ladies as well. Have I told you I love her? Well, I DO!

Speaking of TW, she let me listen in as she fingered herself to orgasm this morning. I called her to see if I could catch her naked as she got ready for work. Lucky me, she was. I then asked her to masturbate while I listened in. Unfortunately, fucking AT&T and their “great all over network” couldn’t get me a decent connection. Fuckers! She told me to call her back, so I did. This time, it was a wonderful connection. So good in fact that when she put the phone by her cunt I could her the squishy sounds as she fingered herself. SWEET! Instant hardon! She played with herself some more before having to get ready for work. Did I mention I love this woman?

UPDATE: As you all well know, I love tits: big, medium, small, I love them all. So, it’s with great sadness that I must report that one of my favorite titty photo blogs JQ’s Big Naturals is closing up shop after four years. I’m gonna miss those marvelous pics that he either found on the net or that were submitted to him. Thanks to all the ladies that submitted their pics over the years. You ladies rock! JQ, I’m gonna miss ya, but thanks for the links to other boobie sites. You truly are a gentleman.

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  1. Fuse: Oh, I think it was made in heaven, the match part anyway. I think God would like us to love one another rather than kill each other. Cell phones, and especially their service providers (are you listening AT&T) are definitely from hell. 😉

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