“Shot Down In Flames…Shot Down In Flames…”

Ain’t it a shame, to be shot down in flames…”

Not by TW, of course, but by Z, in my dream last night. That’s right, I’m now being turned down in my dreams by my SILs. We were at someone’s house. I asked her to flash me. TW was right beside me and Z said no. Just like in real life! I hate when real life fucks up my dream life. It’s not fair! Damn, I need a fucking vacation and I mean that literally.

3 thoughts on ““Shot Down In Flames…Shot Down In Flames…”

    • Ron: I’m afraid that no, it will not happen this Christmas, next Christmas or any Christmas after that. Won’t get it for my birthday either. I ask every year and every year I get nada, nothing, zippo, zilch. No wonder it’s invading my happy time dreams.

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