What Do You Mean I’m Out Of Vacation Days?

TW and I hope all of you had a great Christmas/Holiday break. Ours was filled with family and the occasional melt down but then that was to be expected. Unfortunately, I have to work three days this week. I used up all my vacation days on, well, vacation. It’s okay though, it’s a light travel week, a slow work week so things won’t be so bad.

TW and I did get in a couple of nice sessions over the long weekend. We had a nice slow, loving CG and spoon style session, and one hell of an oral session that featured TW almost sucking the skin off my dick. I think I’m bruised! It’s all good though, you certainly won’t hear me complain. Especially since TW just about passed out while I was busy licking and sucking and lapping at her pussy. I’d consider that a very successful session. 😉

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