That sonic boom  you heard late last night and then again early this morning was TW going into orgasmic hyperspace. HOLY CRAP did we have two rousing sex sessions over the past 7 hours.

Last night’s started while we were watching Jay Leno. Reallly exciting I know. As he droned on in the background, TW and I got busy. It started off with me stroking her body and doing some suckling of her titties. This never fails to turn TW on and I was soon playing with her clit.

The finger play soon turned into a crazy spoon session. I fucked TW hard and fast, although we were both trying to keep the bed shaking to a minimum since LP was still awake. I don’t know how well we succeeded because TW was in orgasmic overdrive. Her pussy was hot and slick as I pumped her from behind. I abused her nipples mercilessly, pinching and twisting them while I fucked her silly from behind.

After several intense orgasms, TW got down to suck my cock. She licked and sucked while I played with her pussy. I started to thumb fuck her and TW went ballistic. I believe she would have sucked the skin off my dick had I let her keep my cock in her mouth. Her orgasms were quite intense while I worked her cunt with my thumb. She soon stopped sucking to concentrate on her orgasms. We soon moved back to spoon style to finish off the night.

Oh what a spoon session we had! I fucked TW hard and fast and constantly pulled her head back via her hair. She later complained I was too rough but she sure as shit didn’t ask me to stop, that’s for sure! I’m hoping she didn’t have any chunks of hair fall out in the shower this morning. Her hair really got a workout. I felt TW’s cunt gush one last time as we finished off our spoon session. Her orgasms were so intense she was crying. TW fell asleep almost immediately after we finished. It was quite an intense session and left us both satisfied and drained.

This morning’s session was even hotter. I don’t think TW expected it as she seemed kind of surprised to find me back in bed. I had a nice stiff prick and I definitely wasn’t going to waste it. We once again started spooning but TW quickly wanted to mount up. I worked her pussy over with my stiff dick and roughly handled her tits. TW loves when I play with her breasts. Her pussy gets so wet when I tongue her nipples and suckle on them. Her orgasmic intensity ratchets up quite a few notches whenever I latch on to her boobs.

As TW ground her cunt on my dick, I massaged her whole body. I massaged from her shoulders down to her calves as she bounced around on my cock. She had some intense orgasms and joked that she really felt like a bull rider. She did look like one that’s for sure. One arm up in the air, as she bounced and jerked around.  At one point, she experienced a goose bump inducing orgasm. My honey rode me for a while more before finally falling off. I lazily played with her cunt before I got down between her thighs and payed her some oral homage.

TW’s pussy was slick with her juices as I ate her. Her legs were wrapped tightly around my head as she ground her cunt on my lips. I ate her for all I was worth. Her back arched, her head hanging over the edge of the bed, TW came like the horny bitch she is. She did all she could do to prevent herself from screaming out loud, but, she did let a couple of wails go. When I moved away from her pussy, TW groaned in frustration. I soon fixed that problem.

I motioned for her to get on all fours and TW scrambled to assume the position. I thrust my cock into her slick cunt and we were off doggy style. I couldn’t resist and grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her head back. As soon as my hand touched her hair, TW violently came. “You’re such a dirty cock loving whore,” I growled at her. The intensity of her orgasms increased as I pulled her head farther and farther backwards. Her pussy gushed around my cock and that set off my own orgasms.

I pulled out and TW quickly took my cock into her mouth. I unloaded a very large, double orgasm into her mouth and throat. TW gagged a little when the first spurts came out but she quickly adjusted her pace and expertly swallowed my loads. I held her head in my hands, slowly pumping her face as my orgasms subsided. TW continued to suckle on my dick as it slowly went limp. HOLY FUCK! what a way to start the day!

As I drove into work, TW called me and let me listen in as she finger fucked herself to yet another series of orgasms. I like it when she puts the phone down by her pussy and I can hear her fingers making sloshing noises as they go in and out of her cunt. Dick stiffening for sure! Have I told you that I   LOVE this woman?

TW’s looking forward to more tonight and I’m sure as shit gonna give it to her. Z is supposed to drop by with her kids. Maybe I can convince her to join us. I feel that fucking confident! I know it would be one hell of a session fucking the two of them. It might give me a heart attack but what a way to go!

On a celebrity fuck crush note: JLH is back on the market. It seems she and her beau have called off their engagement. Those beautiful hips and those wonderfully full breasts and gorgeous face can be put back into my fuck crush library. YAY!

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  1. wow is right!
    And I’m taking notes as my new GF sounds alot like TW, so far I’ve brought her to 4 orgasms in one evening, and we’ve only been in bed three times so far! Which reminds me, I need to get her out of bed too 😉

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