Toys, Toys, Toys, In The Attic

OK, actually in the bedroom but it’s close to the attic. TW and I got the opportunity to try the majority of our new toys out tonight. All 3 kids are out of the house. Following is a review, of sorts.

First up, the vibrating egg:


One word, LOUD! This is definitely not for the quiet dinner party or close family gathering. This device has all the subtlety of a lawnmower at six in the morning on Sunday or, perhaps, one of those “tuned” cars that sounds like a hive of angry bees. It did it’s job though, through all seven speeds and gyrations.  TW tried different positions and being spanked with it inserted. TW’s pussy was quite soaked afterward, so, it’s definitely a keeper. Of course, she could have been wet from the spanking she got from this:


which TW really, Really, REALLY, REALLY likes. I like it too since I can whip her tits without leaving welts. It’s also fun to just drag it across her skin as well and watch the goosebumps come out.

Last, but definitely not least, our bestest toy friend ever: Mr. Rabbit


Holy shit did TW ever orgasm with this baby inside her. It has eight speeds and can rotate it’s head and shaft in two different directions at the same time. Add to that the clitoral stimulation and WOWEE ZOWIE, TW had some very strong orgasms. The fact that’s it water proof will make it fun to try outdoors, in the woods, in the rain. Yes, I can see it now, TW stretched out on the picnic table, naked, rain water washing over her twisting body, as she enjoys one orgasm after another from our new found friend. Of course, the shower will get to see plenty of Mr. Rabbit as well I’m sure.

In between trying the toys, I was busy down between TW’s thighs licking her to several strong orgasms. I also slipped in some missionary as well, just to change things up a bit.

The only toy we didn’t get to try what I’ll refer to as the Auto Rabbit. This guy here:


No worries though, we’ll get to try him out on the way home from dropping CB back at school on Friday. I think TW’s gonna love it, especially since she enjoyed Mr. Rabbit so much. Yes, it’s gonna be one hell of a year around the M-D house this year! I just hope ‘TW survives. 😉

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  1. Ah, that rabbit is almost identical to my GF’s one. It’s amazing what it does, and what it does to her, SO yeah I can guess how much TW liked it too! We’re working on a small list of toys we want as well 🙂

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