And Again

TW and I got in two slow, sleepy sex sessions. One last night and one this morning. Nothing too acrobatic, just some nice, slow spoon fucking. Well, okay, it was fast at times but you know what I mean. We are definitely on a roll here folks. Both of our mojos are in overdrive and kicking it. SWEET!

E is wearing her mid thigh length spring skirt today. With the pair of stockings she’s wearing, she’s very fuckable. I wouldn’t mind bending her over her desk and fucking her wildly. Of course, she’d probably mind it, so it’ll just stay in my head. No use starting out the new year unemployed and branded a sex offender. 😉

2 thoughts on “And Again

  1. I’d love to see anyone in a spring skirt around here. It’s 18-degrees with a wind chill of 5 here. I think the lack of “interesting” scenery is one of the reasons that people are so depressed during the winter when it’s cold outside.

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