Shhh, Be Vewy Vewy Quiet…..

We’re hunting wabbits! The Auto W(R)abbit


really did TW’s pussy good. HOLY SHIT did TW have the violent orgasms on Friday. In fact, I think she actually almost passed out after one particularly strong orgasm. It was a wild ride home but a very enjoyable one!

TW, unbeknownst to me, had brought along some play clothes for the ride home. We got CB back to school fine and, after dinner, dropped him back at his dorm room. I knew that she had on one of my favorite matching bra and panty sets


Right after we got on the road, TW began to change. She removed her sweats and athletic socks and replaced them with a set of fishnet stockings and a short skirt. YUM!Just so we have the proper setting.” She said. Damn, I really do LOVE this woman! After getting properly situated, the rabbit was plugged in and ready to go. Once again, unfortunately, as soon as we flipped the switch, the angry hive of bees re-appeared. Needless to say, this is not a toy you can use while driving with the kids. However, all that noise was definitely worth it!

As soon as TW touched her panty clad pussy with the rabbit, the fun was on! Her orgasms built in intensity as she worked her clit with the rabbit. When I reached over to play with her titties, TW’s first orgasm of the night hit her. It was quick but powerful and TW cried out in pleasure. It was a great start to the night drive home.

We continued our play off and on during our trip. TW would put the rabbit down, but then pick it a few minutes later. She really loves it! She told me she knows how much I love her by the presents I buy her. 😉  In between vibrator sessions, I would lean over and dip one or two fingers into her pussy.

fingerplay0 fingerplay1

TW would come on my hand and I would then lick my fingers clean. God, I love having her scent on my fingers. I can bring them up to my nose and get a great whiff of her pussy, even if she’s sleeping while we drive. While I was licking my fingers clean, TW was using the rabbit on my cock and balls. It felt great! The vibrations made my cock even harder than it was. I’m wondering what it will feel like on my bare skin, right below my balls. I bet I come in buckets!

We were passing cars and trucks in the snowy night. TW playfully begged me not to get pulled over. Dressed as she was she said she’d have a hard time convincing the police she wasn’t a hooker. I told her just have him unzip and she could blow him while she vibrated herself to orgasm.  I doubt anyone could have seen inside our car anyway. We didn’t have any lights on and the windows were covered in salt spray. I did give one truck driver a chance though. TW was in the middle of one of her strongest orgasms when, as we passed the trucker, I turned on the cabin light on TW’s side. The driver, if he was looking, got a good shot of her panties and her legs tightly wrapped around the rabbit. Her top was also raised, so if he was looking, he also got a nice shot of her tits. Her hand was down between her legs as well so he would have known what she was doing. This led TW to have her longest, and strongest, orgasm of the night. This is the one where she passed out (although she denies it) and fell against my arm. Damn, I love this woman!

I called her name a couple of times before she was able to answer. She was a bit groggy but swears she did not blink out. I think otherwise but it’ll sure as hell be a lot of fun to try it again! TW put away the rabbit after that orgasm. We had a lot of fun and TW had some great orgasms. Both rabbits will definitely make the trip next time. TW really loves them and I love it when she uses them. I can’t wait for the next toy session!

UPDATE: God damn it! I am getting old. I forgot to mention the best part of the night. After we got home, TW let me enjoy her pussy up close and personal. Our other two kids were at the movies when we got home, so TW quickly got undressed and let me eat her pussy. HEAVEN! So wet and sloppy and oh so tasty! I could eat her out all day and night!

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