A Person Can Definitely Get Used To This

Another morning, another hot session at the M-D household. This morning’s session started out slowly but built to a crashing crescendo.

After hitting the alarm button and getting a call that LP’s school district was closed due to weather, TW reached over and fondled me. “When Mr. Happy is ready, I’ll be over here,” she stated, as she rolled over and went back to sleep. Sleep didn’t come easily though and soon Mr. Happy was very happy indeed. I turned to spoon against TW and she felt my hard cock against her thigh. She grabbed my dick and moved into position so I could fuck her from behind spoon style.

We fucked slowly for a while and TW had some nice orgasms. She then pushed me on to my back and mounted up CG style. I fondled and suckled on her tits as she rode me to more intense orgasms. She even whacked her head against the headboard at one point. Her orgasms were very strong as she drove her cunt down on my throbbing cock.

Pretty soon though, it was time for breakfast and TW got off me and on to her back. She shifted until her well lubed pussy was in my face. “Time for breakfast!” I exclaimed, as I began to lick on her pussy lips. TW ground her pussy on my tongue and face as I lapped at her clit and pinched and pulled her nipples. TW had a couple of very strong orgasms before we returned to spoon style to finish up our morning.I pounded TW from behind as I gently pulled on her hair. Oh, I almost forgot to mention, I got some lovely whacks on that sexy ass of her’s as well. While she was riding CG style, I slapped that ass to my heart’s content. She complained a little that we were making too much noise but I knew better. If the kids can sleep in, they will, and they’re not gonna hear anything. Besides, what are they gonna do, tell our mom’s?

After showering, I came out to find TW still asleep under the covers. When I woke her, she had a wicked smile on her face and pulled the rabbit from underneath the covers. “I just had to have some more. I needed more and when I used our friend here, I passed out after a very intense orgasm!” Well, I’m certainly not going to deny my honey her well deserved pleasures. Besides, it gets me hard when I think how horny she is. Now, if we could only share that hornyness with someone else!

It was a great way to start the day. We highly recommend it!

8 thoughts on “A Person Can Definitely Get Used To This

  1. Hi mr & mrs.MD

    That like us.great fantastic.We have done so mnay times.including when we r with another cple for swing.

    • Absolutely fucking fantastic! Unfortunately, our shower shares a wall with FM so any shower sex has to be done when he’s out of the house. But, when we do have it, it’s great, especially when TW gets down on her knees and sucks my balls dry. She also has some very intense orgasms when we fuck under the water. It reminds her of fucking outdoors in the rain. 😉

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