The Views Were Simply Stunning!

I must say, TW and I did have a great time this weekend, despite Mr. Happy’s hiccup. We were alone, got to spend some time together sans kids and still managed to get in some quality fucking. As an added bonus, I had the pleasure of seeing some quality cleavage as well.

Naturally, I got to see TW’s. She wore a a lovely low cut top when we went out to dinner. As we were being shown our table, I got to spy another nice set of titties when we passed the table of a middle aged couple (hey, wait a minute, we’re middle aged!) The woman had a nice top on as well, along with a lovely push up bra that provided some wonderful cleavage for my viewing pleasure. The final chance came yesterday when TW and I went to get her voice mail set up on her new phone. The young lady taking care of us bent over a few times to show TW how to set up her voice mail. HOLY FUCK! Very sweet. I think she knew what she was doing too because she stayed in that position for quite a while. Thank you Jesus! She also seemed to warm up to us a bit after that. Her breasts weren’t very big but they presented very nicely. Yeah, I know, I’m a PIG. That’s okay though, oink, oink, oink.

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