Aural Sex

TW and I have been having our asses kicked by life lately. Kicked as in we’re both wore out by the end of the day; as in too damn tired in the morning to have sex; as in asleep as soon as our heads hit our respective pillows. Yeah, like that.

Luckily, I have a honey who LOVES to play with her pussy anytime, anywhere. Take this morning for instance. I got a call as I’m driving in to work and I hear the breathless voice of my wife. Before I left, she was debating getting back into bed to catch some more zzzzz’s or taking her shower. I told her to go back to bed.

She said, “You know I can’t get back to sleep once I’m up.

I quickly reminded her that if she used one of her toys, she’d have no problem getting some more shuteye. Well, you know what she did, after all, she was breathless. I got to listen in as my honey pleasured her pussy and her clit with her favorite Christmas present, the waterproof rabbit. I told her how hard she was making me, as I heard her come again. It wasn’t a long conversation, but it was very productive. TW fell back asleep  and I continued my drive. I called her a bit later to wake her up. She should be nice and relaxed at work today for sure. Me? I’m gonna be horny as hell.

Look out ladies, you’ve got a big dork lusting after you today.

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