Rare Saturday Post

Look! A post on a weekend! Whoopie! Wow! Amazing!

I’ve been left alone to my own devices today. TW and LP are out shopping, our oldest is visiting a friend all day and CB is going on his spring break trip. Me? I’m sitting here smelling of TW and sex. It’s a very wonderful scent and I refuse to wash my face, fingers or cock of it. I guess I’ll have to before TW and LP get home, but for right now, I’m gonna enjoy the sweet smells of sex.

Speaking of sex, TW and I had a nice little session this morning. TW reached around and fondled me to a nice, morning hardon. In addition to using her hands, she got down and took me into her mouth. After getting me hard, TW mounted me CG style and we were off. She fucked herself, on my dick, to serveral strong orgasms before we switched over to Spoon style. The session ended with me down between her thighs, licking her to another orgasm or two.

Nice way to start our last quiet weekend of the spring. After this weekend, the spring sports kick into high gear both for LP and for CB. In fact, CB is spending his spring break out on the road. His team has a couple of games down south, in much warmer weather, before the season starts in ernest next weekend at home. It should be another fun spring.

Pussy, It’s Grrrrrrrrrreat!

Thanks Tony.

Damn, another hot oral session this morning. TW had promised me pussy last night but we both fell asleep before we could get it in. So this morning, my lovely, hot, slutty honey gave me what I love. PUSSY. Mmm, mmm good!

I awoke to TW’s lips upon my cock. Her pussy was positioned in my face so I did what comes naturally to me, I licked it, licked it good. We had a wild session with TW coming so much I thought she might pass out. In fact, she couldn’t even keep my cock in her mouth very long, her orgams were so intense. I’m pretty sure I have bite marks on my thighs from where she clamped down during one of her many, strong orgasms. I really concentrated on her clit this time and was rewarded with numerous head squeezing, hip grinding orgasms.

She finally had to push me away but that was okay. She decided to ride me CG style. We fucked CG style, farther down on the bed this time. No need to get a concussion. 😉 TW had several more strong orgasms as I pumped her pussy full of my cock and nibbled on her titties. In fact, a couple of orgasms were so strong I thought she might do a back bend. She arched her back as I played with her nipples. The orgasms must have been pretty fucking intense. We finished off the session with some slow spoon style.

A guy could get very used to this! 🙂

Ride Me Cowgirl!

And ride me TW certainly did.  This morning’s period’s over sex was one hell of a wild ride. TW was fucked, sucked, spanked and put to bed wet. No wait, I’m the one that fell asleep after sex. TW went on with her day.

After getting LP off to school, TW returned to bed for a good fuck. She definitely got it. She threw the covers off me and immediately took my dick into her mouth. She sucked me hard and then mounted up CG style. Oh glorious orgasms! TW rode me while I felt her tits and sucked her nipples. When I began to spank her, she really went off and screamed out her orgasms to the four winds (poetic, no?) TW almost gave herself a concussion, banging her head hard on the headboard. It was at that point that she decided to go RCG.

TW dismounted, turned herself around and sank back down on my cock. I took the opportunity to once again, spank her sexy ass as she rode me to orgasm. Her ass cheeks were nice and red and when she started to rock her hips, I was done.

Are you okay? She asked.

“Um, no, get off, NOW! I quickly replied.

Luckily TW heard me and quickly took my cock in her mouth and swallowed my load. As she was sucking me dry, she managed to position herself over my face and dropped her pussy onto my mouth. I focused in on her clit and TW moaned her orgasms around my spurting cock.

Later on, after our showers, while TW and I were getting dressed, she got another ass whoopin’ She looked so damn good in her tight blue jeans that I couldn’t help myself and just had to spank her. By the time I was done, both her ass and my hands were stinging.

What a fucking great way to start the day!

Any Day Now….

TW’s period is just about over and she’s coming off it hot and horny. Lucky me!

I must say I’m pretty psyched as well. I can’t get the image of her spread out across a picnic table, in the woods. My cock is slowly working it’s way in and out of her well lubed pussy while TW busies herself sucking the various sized cocks that are being presented to her mouth. Yes, I just can’t get that image outta my head. I hope she’s ready for a wild fucking! I know I am!

I was treated to a very nice blow job last night. I didn’t come but it was spectacular none the less. Just to have TW go down on me is a major thrill for me. She’s so damn good with her tongue and lips. It’s amazing that I was the first cock she ever took in her mouth. The first time she blew me, she swallowed! That’s what I call a natural born cock sucker. She hasn’t stopped since. Lucky me!