Oh God, Is It Monday Already?

It was quite the busy weekend for the M-D’s. Between windshield repairs, LP’s tournament, the Super Bowl (great game BTW) and a very orgasmic sex session, TW and I are quite pooped. Although LP’s team didn’t do so well record wise, LP managed a point a game and the team played their hearts out. Unfortunately, they were playing teams with much better skill levels and finished 1 – 4. Still, the girls had fun and it was a hell of a lot of fun cheering them on.

As for the sex session well, that was quite fun as well. 😉  Saturday night, TW and I found ourselves home alone (insert your favorite Macaulay Culkin facial expression here) We put it to good use by fucking ourselves silly. TW was coming off her period and I was quite horny myself so we put our combined horniess to good use and had some wonderfully orgasmic sex. It wasn’t a long session, nor was it acrobatic, but TW had several intense orgasms in which she was able to scream to her heart’s delight.

We started off missionary style and I fucked my honey to a few nice orgasms. I then went down on her, lapping and licking her pussy to my heart’s content. TW came violently as I tongue fucked her, wrapping her sexy legs around my head and squeezing. I don’t mind, it shows I’m doing a bang up job of pussy licking. We then switched to spoon style and TW really got off. I fucked her hard and fast and she came and came. I didn’t even need to tug on her hair to increase the intensity of her orgasms, she was thrashing about and moaning and screaming as she came. For the finale, I fingered her cunt as I sucked on her titties. TW loves it when I suck on her tits and she came quite easily and quite wildly. She finally had to push me away as she was having difficulty breathing. We cuddled up together under the blankets and quickly fell asleep.

It was a fun start to this month’s fucking and we’re looking forward to more this week. After all, I haven’t had my pussy for breakfast yet. 😉

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