Back On Familiar Ground

Hello Everyone,

Well, as Arnold so often says, “I’m BACK!” The trip was uneventful and things got done so that part went very well. Before leaving, TW and I got in a couple of very spirited and very orgasmic sessions. I didn’t come but TW sure as hell did. We fucked spoon style and CG style with TW enjoying my lips on her nipples and my hands all over her body. Last night, after I got home, we had another nice spoon session to send us both off to dreamland. I expect some spectacular oral tonight, for both of us. We’re just in that kinda mood.

I really missed having TW with me as I drove around the state. I passed lots of truckers, and, since I have a CB in the car, I knew they were looking for some fun. I’m sure, had TW been with me, they would have received eyefuls of tits. It’s been quite a while since TW has flashed so we’re overdue for a road trip. Oh, don’t think she hasn’t flashed me, in fact, she’s been naked in the car the past few times we’ve been alone. It’s just there’s that special thrill of listening to a truck driver shout out that he got flashed. The fact that TW does it just makes it that much better (and also makes me quite hard) We would have had a pretty good time in the hotel room as well. A full length mirror, plenty of counter space in the bathroom, lots of chairs and tables that I could tie her to, yeah, it would have been sweet!

I had another SIL dream. This time it was Y, the one NO-ONE has a chance at. In the dream we were making out. No nakedness, just kissing and touching and feeling. We were both younger so I’m guessing it’s a subconscious wish to return to my youth or some other crap like that. Anyway, she was shy and reserved (like she is now) but I convinced her to kiss and make out. At one point, as we were tongue wrasslin’ I took her hand and put it on my jeans, over my cock (you can tell we were younger, I haven’t fit in jeans in probably 7 years). At first she was hesitant but then she started to rub me through my jeans. It was at the point where she had me coming in my pants that I woke up. Luckily, no wet dream. WHEW! Y is the least likely SIL to have any kind of sexy fun. It’s a shame too, she’s pretty and has a nice body as well.

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