I Think I Broke Her

WOW! Just plain WOW!

TW and I had one of our most acrobatic and spirited sessions in a long time yesterday morning. She let me sleep in and I was more than ready for her when she came back to bed.

I had my morning hardon ready to go and TW took full advantage of it. Damn did we have a great time. We fucked spoon style, CG style, TW sat on my face, I fingered her, I sucked her tits, we did 69 and finished the session with me blowing a huge load all over her face and tits, after face fucking her and forcing her to deep throat me. Only bad part?  No fucking camera! Damn it! It was a very nice load too, spread nice and evenly. Fuck!

This morning, TW is having difficulty walking. Her inner thighs hurt like hell and her back is definitely out of line. 🙂  In fact, she’s so sore, she begged off this morning’s session. It’s okay though, I don’t mind at all. We’ll get back to it tonight, after she’s recovered some. Yes, it’s been a long time since I fucked my baby so well. I’m sure the pain is worth it though. It sure seems that the sex is getting better the older we get! YAY! 😉

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Thanks again for stopping by here and reading. TW and I appreciate it. Now, leave more comments. 😉

Oh, and if Ms. SD (from SexyDuet) is still reading this, please let us know if you set up shop somewhere. We really miss you.

2 thoughts on “I Think I Broke Her

  1. Funny how some bloggers just up and disappear.
    Glad the sex is getting better as you get older, at almost fifty, I pretty good for me too, better than I’ve ever had it before, but considering my marriage sistuation I had, anything would have been an improvement. Thankfully my GF is very much like TW, and I’m learning to keep her satisified better all the time 😉

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