WHEW! She’s Not Broken After All

TW and I had some nice sex both last night and this morning. We had a wonderfully orgasmic spoon session last night in which both of us orgasmed. No wild gyrations, just some good old fashioned sex.

This morning’s session however, was a tad bit more acrobatic. TW had to use the bathroom and when she came back to bed, I was hard and ready to go. We fucked spoon style for a bit before TW wanted to get up and ride CG style. TW mounted up and we were off. We talked dirty to one another, telling each other how hot the other partner makes us. When I slipped her nipples between my lips, TW had a crashing, thrashing orgasm.

When we first started fucking CG style, I pretended I was bound to the bed. TW would tease me with her tits, rubbing them over my face and pulling away when I went to lick her nipples. Later on, when my hands were “released” I pinched and tugged and pulled on her nipples. Whenever I would suckle on them, she came forcefully. She kept telling me how much she loves when I play with her tits. She says it make her feel eighteen all over again. Wow, I’m fucking an 18 year old! SWEET!

We then finished up spoon style and started our day. I was still hard ten minutes later when I finished up my shower. I was tempted to fuck her again but figured I didn’t want to be too late for work. I’m planning on getting some pussy for an after dinner snack tonight. I know TW surely wants to give me some.

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