I Fucked A Cheerleader This Weekend!

And it was unbelievably, fucking hot!

TW and I were left alone Valentine’s night. Our oldest was out with a friend and LP went over to a friend’s house as well. After dropping LP off at her friend’s house, I returned home to find an empty first floor. SWEET!

When I got upstairs to the bedroom, I found a hot, sexy, and pantiless cheerleader on my bed. She was shaking her PomPons and wiggling her sexy ass. She did some jumps and kicks as well. That’s how I found out she was pantiless. πŸ˜‰

My cheerleader ordered me to lose my clothing so I quickly stripped down and buried my face in her cunt. She was still standing on the bed at this point so I had the perfect position to start lickin’. Soon, my sexy cheerleader decided to lie back on the bed so she could spread her legs. I quickly got down between her legs and licked and sucked on her clit as she came violently on my face.

I continued my oral assault on her pussy as my hands found their way to her tits. I pinched and pulled on her nipples underneath her cheer outfit. After several strong orgasms, we switched positions so I could fuck TW from behind doggy style. I easily slid into her well lubed cunt, burying my cock balls deep on the first thrust. TW moaned and I quickly proceeded to pound her pussy. We enjoyed a duel fantasy of me fucking a cheerleader and her fucking the football team. I spanked her ass as I worked her cunt with my dick. TW had several more violent orgasms before we switched positions again.

This time, TW mounted up CG style and I got to watch her sexy titties bounce around as she fucked herself on my cock. I had her remove her outfit so I could get those wonderful nipples in my mouth. I sucked and licked and nipped on her nipples as she bounced up and down on my cock. We then moved into 69 where things got really interesting.

As she sucked my dick and I licked her cunt, I began to spank TW. Boy, o boy, did that ratchet up the intensity a whole bunch! By the end of our little 69 session, TW had a bright cherry red ass and my hands stung from the abuse I laid upon her ass cheeks. To say TW orgasmed wildly would be a gross understatement. I do believe she actually swallowed my dick at one point. She had a long continous stream of orgasms, her legs wrapped tightly around my head as I licked her swollen clit and spanked her sexy ass. It was a very hot session and left us both drained. We tried to get some sleep so we could fuck again later but neither one of us could get to sleep so we continued our day.

Sunday morning we had another wonderfully orgasmic session. It featured some wonderful spoon style and finished up with a rocking CG session that left my balls and cock wet with TW’s juices. Unfortunately, we couldn’t repeat at night but overall it was a hell of a weekend!

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