Any Day Now….

TW’s period is just about over and she’s coming off it hot and horny. Lucky me!

I must say I’m pretty psyched as well. I can’t get the image of her spread out across a picnic table, in the woods. My cock is slowly working it’s way in and out of her well lubed pussy while TW busies herself sucking the various sized cocks that are being presented to her mouth. Yes, I just can’t get that image outta my head. I hope she’s ready for a wild fucking! I know I am!

I was treated to a very nice blow job last night. I didn’t come but it was spectacular none the less. Just to have TW go down on me is a major thrill for me. She’s so damn good with her tongue and lips. It’s amazing that I was the first cock she ever took in her mouth. The first time she blew me, she swallowed! That’s what I call a natural born cock sucker. She hasn’t stopped since. Lucky me!

5 thoughts on “Any Day Now….

  1. You and me both M-D. My GF has told me she isn’t going to stop blowing me until I come in her mouth one day. And, no she won’t stop after that either 😉

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