Rare Saturday Post

Look! A post on a weekend! Whoopie! Wow! Amazing!

I’ve been left alone to my own devices today. TW and LP are out shopping, our oldest is visiting a friend all day and CB is going on his spring break trip. Me? I’m sitting here smelling of TW and sex. It’s a very wonderful scent and I refuse to wash my face, fingers or cock of it. I guess I’ll have to before TW and LP get home, but for right now, I’m gonna enjoy the sweet smells of sex.

Speaking of sex, TW and I had a nice little session this morning. TW reached around and fondled me to a nice, morning hardon. In addition to using her hands, she got down and took me into her mouth. After getting me hard, TW mounted me CG style and we were off. She fucked herself, on my dick, to serveral strong orgasms before we switched over to Spoon style. The session ended with me down between her thighs, licking her to another orgasm or two.

Nice way to start our last quiet weekend of the spring. After this weekend, the spring sports kick into high gear both for LP and for CB. In fact, CB is spending his spring break out on the road. His team has a couple of games down south, in much warmer weather, before the season starts in ernest next weekend at home. It should be another fun spring.

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