Mr. Phlegm Comes A Callin’

Damn it! Am I in a bad way. Stayed home from work today. I doubt they’ll be any sex in the M-Dย  household until this heathen, Mr. Phlegm, is banished. I’m sick, (yeah, no shit there right?) and I have the most delightfully, aggravating phlegm ball in the back of my throat. As I tossed and turned last night, Mr. Phlegm moved right along with me, causing me to cough. YUCK!

Fucking Sodding Bastard!

I’m A Very Sick Person

And not just because of my sexual perversions. I’m physically sick. Guess sitting out in the rain Tuesday night and then getting little rest over the next few days has caught up with me. Sigh, I hate being sick, especially if I lose my tastebuds. How the hell can I enjoy TW’s ultra fine, ultra tasty pussy if I can’t taste it? FUCKITY FUCK FUCK FUCK! I guess we’ll just have to settle for regular ol’ fucking. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Speaking of that, we had a couple of nice sessions over the weekend. Saturday was a wash since we were at CB’s game. The team as a whole was caught in a giant vortex of suckage. They were outplayed all over the field and lost by 10 points. It was a sorry site for sure, but, hopefully, they’ll come out more energized next time. We get a break from CB’s games. The next three are away games. Sorry, got sidetracked there, on to the sex.

Friday night, when I got home, TW and I were alone. YAY! We had ourselves a nice session of pussy eating, spoon, CG and 69. TW enjoyed having my lips on her cunt several times and she had several very strong orgasms while riding me CG style. HOORAY FOR SEX!

Like I mentioned, Saturday was a wash, but we had a delightfully erotic session on Sunday. Once again, we were left on our own. LP was off with a friend and FM was with his friend as well. So, TW and I got our freak on. We started out slowly, with me taking TW from behind, after giving her a nice, relaxing massage. TW then got up and rode me CG style for a bit, before I got between her legs and ate her out. We finished our fucking session with me taking her from behind spoon style. TW then slid down, took my cock into her mouth and sucked me off to a delightfully wonderful double orgasm. It’s been a while since I had a double but it was very hot and very sensual. I was lieing on my side and TW was sucking my dick. I started to hump her face a bit faster and deeper before grabbing her hair and face fucking her. I unloaded and she swallowed every damn drop. What a woman!

We then both cuddled up and drifted off to sleep for a bit. We were going to try again last night, but I fell asleep before she got upstairs. Damned illness!

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Hidee Ho Dear Readers,

Sorry for the lack of posts lately but we’ve been รผber busy lately. Wednesday we went to see CB play (they lost), yesterday I was in an all day training session and today I took half a vaca day just to catch up on my sleep. The trip to see CB was the killer. 8 hour drive, plus game time, had us home after 1:00 A.M. I had to be at work early on Thursday morning to travel to the training session so I was operating on little sleep. It’s all good though, the half vaca day today helped catch me up.

Oh, by the way, once again, the drivers were oblivious to TW as we drove. Too much cell phone and computer use I guess. She did get fingered though. She had some really intense orgasms again and yes, she once again blacked out for a bit, though she tried to deny it. This morning we were able to get in a nice, slow, orgasmic session that featured spoon and 69 and CG. I went back to sleep afterwards and TW went to work. Hopefully, we’ll get some more in tonight as we’re once again traveling to see CB play. LP will be coming with us this time, so, no play time in the car for the M-D’s. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Hey, I found this pic online and found it funny.


I wonder if they custom make/fit them? I mean, that would be so cool to have TW wear a bra that had my hands molded into it, to help support her tits!

Most excellent!

Have a good weekend everyone!

Holy Fuckity, Fuck, FUCK!

TW has come off her period hot and definitely horny. Last night, and again this morning, she absolutely lost all control of herself and fucked both of us silly. She’s really been taking a beating as she’s been having some very intense, very emotional and very physical orgasms. It’s kinda funny too since the sessions really aren’t that long.

Last night we got a pleasant surprise as I encountered little traffic on the way home. In fact, there was so little traffic that I beat LP home. She was attending a team function and wasn’t supposed to be home until 7:30 or so. I got a call from TW asking if I’d like some pussy for dinner and I replied with a hearty “HELL YES!” I guess she was kind of shocked by how close I was to home so she told me to meet her upstairs in the bedroom and that she would be waiting for me naked. As Homer often says, “WOO HOO!”

I got home and headed straight to the bedroom. TW was waiting for me, but she was only half naked, the bottom half. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I immediately stripped down and dove between her legs. Her first of many orgasms arrived soon after, as I attacked her pussy lips and clit with my tongue. I lapped and licked at her pussy lips and clit. When I drove my tongue into her pussy, TW locked her legs around my head and came forcefully. I ate her to several strong orgasms before we moved to spoon style.

As I was fucking her from behind, I got an idea. I reached into the headboard and pulled out the flogger. TW moaned when she saw I had it, and her pussy got hotter when the first stroke landed on her breasts.ย  I flogged her tits for a while, pumping my cock in and out of her sloppy, hot, wet pussy. TW then wanted to mount up CG style, so I quickly got on to my back and she easily slid down my dick and began to fuck herself on my cock.

As she fucked me, I was flogging her ass for all I was worth. TW was in an orgasmic haze, alternately orgasming and crying out in pain/pleasure. I really was abusing her ass cheeks with the flogger and TW was enjoying every last second of it. She was in a constant state of arousal. Her back arched as she came and I would occasionally flog her tits as well.

Her well lubed pussy easily slid up and down my cock as she fucked me. I dropped the flogger to concentrate on working her breasts and nipples. She still had on her shirt, so I roughly pushed it up over her tits and grabbed two handfuls. I kneaded her breasts and pulled her down to my face so I could suckle on her nipples. TW moaned quite loudly as she came. I continued to pump her pussy as I feasted on her tits. Her orgasms had reached a peak when


No, no, no, no, no, no, no, fucking NO! Not now!

Yep, LP was home. TW was in mid orgasm. Her wide eyes showed her frustration and the hand over her mouth kept any additional screams from being heard. Shit, fuck, damn it! The function had ended early and LP was home. We could hear her moving around downstairs and then heard her come up the stairs and pass our door. We kept as quiet as we could.

TW was not to be denied though and she moved up over my face and dropped her pussy down on my mouth. I was able to watch my baby come as I feasted on her cunt. She was doing her best to keep herself quiet as she humped my face to one orgasm after another. Her orgasms have been very intense lately and she’s literally dropped off me in mid-orgasm just to catch her breath. Luckily, she was able to stay the course and finished herself off quite nicely on my face. We both scrambled to get dressed. I ran to the bathroom and quickly washed my face and followed TW downstairs to greet LP.

This morning’s session was just as hot, minus the flogging. It started out slowly enough with my fingers playing with TW’s cunt and her hand stroking me to a hardon. As soon as I was hard, TW turned her back to me and I took her from behind. We did a nice slow fuck for a bit before I started to hump her a little faster. After a bit, TW wanted some CG action so she mounted up. I licked and suckled on her tits as she fucked me CG style. Her orgasms were quite intense but much quieter due to the fact that LP was up and about getting ready for school.

I fucked TW deep and slow as she rode me. God damn it, do I love to suckle on her tits! I went from one nipple to the other, sucking them into my mouth and flicking my tongue across them. TW was doing a nice slow grind on my dick, making sure I hit the right spot on each stroke. She was doing her best to keep quiet, even though her orgasms were becoming quite intense. I could feel the heat of her pussy on my dick as she fucked me. Her breath was coming in short pants as she came. Every once in a while my cock would slip out and rub across her clit. TW’s whole body jumped when this happend and she would softly moan into my ear.

We then switched to 69. TW loves my tongue on her cunt and she wanted to suck my cock as well. She quickly positioned herself over my face and lowered that lovely, tasty pussy down to my lips. I immediately focused on her clit and TW came. She lowered her mouth over my cock and began to deep throat me. She gagged on the first go but soon got into a nice rhytym and we enjoyed our mutual oral skills.

Pretty soon though, I noticed TW wasn’t sucking me anymore. It was more like she was holding my cock in her mouth without any sucking or tongue action. It was definitely HOT. I did notice, however, that her hips were still going strong, moving her pussy and clit across my face and tongue. She was definitely orgasming as I worked her cunt. I laughingly told her later that she was sleep fucking me. She denied being out but couldn’t remember just holding my cock in her mouth. Yeah, she was definitely sleep fucking my face! ๐Ÿ™‚

Unfortunately, we had to stop, as TW had to get LP out of the house and off to school, and I had to get ready for work. It was a great start to the day. Hopefully, we’ll get some more tonight, though I’m sure TW will see to that. If not, there’s always tomorrow morning. I have a day off and TW and I are heading out to see CB play again. One of the last few home games of the year and it’s on a Wednesday. Sigh.

Oh well, maybe TW will get to flash those marvelous tits of her’s. If not, I’ll just play with her pussy until she passes out. Yeah, it’s all good!

Orgasmic Weekend

TW and I had ourselves a pretty cool weekend of sex. Friday, when I got home, I got to eat my sexy honey’s hot pussy for a pre-dinner snack. Oh, the orgasms TW did have! Later on that night, we had a fuck session in which TW enjoyed many more orgasms from my tongue and cock.

Saturday was a washout. I went to see CB play (the team suffered their first loss of the season, but it was a well played loss, so CB was happy) so was in the car for 8 hours or so. TW had a full day herself helping LP with her fundraising efforts and going to see a play with Z. LP also had a party to attend so TW was running back and forth all day. By the time I got home we were both too pooped to fuck. Sunday, however, was a different story.

I slept in and when TW came to wake me up, we fucked ourselves silly. We started out spoon style and then moved to some pussy eating. Mmm, mmm, pussy for breakfast, it’s GREAT! TW wanted to suck my dick while I ate her out so we quickly moved to 69. TW deep throated me while I made her come, it was fantastic! TW then wanted to ride me CG style. She was very sensitive and came quite easily. I mean, I barely rubbed my cock across her clit and she came. It was absolutely stunning how hot she was. TW rode me to several strong, emotionally draining orgasms. We finished up with me letting my fingers do the walking on her clit, while I eagerly suckled on her breasts. She came very violently, thrashing about the bed before she finally had to push me away.

What can I say, I love to suck on her tits.

EDIT: I forgot to mention something that happened yesterday. TW and I went out shopping and stopped at a little hotdog joint near our house for lunch. As we were walking to our table, we passed a lady who was probably our age or a tad bit younger. She was wearing a low cut top, and, as we walked passed, was bent over a bit eating her meal. Lovely cleavage that! Oh my! They were not of the large variety but hung very nicely. I would have loved to stuff my cock between her breasts and fuck her till I came. Of course, that would have been embarrassing in the restaurant, so, I kept it to myself. I did let TW know about it though, just in case she wanted to check it out as well.