Come On Baby, Finish What You Started…

Last night, I got to complete my mission that was started the night before. In a stroke of extreme luck, FM went out last night right before I got home. With LP at practice/tryouts that left TW and I to our own devices (maybe that should be vices) again. When I went upstairs to change, I found TW naked on the bed feverishly working her pussy with her our new favorite toy, the rabbit.

As I undressed, I watched TW pleasure herself over and over. When I was finally naked, I climbed between her legs and began to lick her clit while that wascally wabbit buzzed it as well. The orgasms TW had were crazy insane. She was thrashing about the bed, back arched, tits wobbling all over.

After several more very strong oral orgasms, TW asked if I wanted to finish our session from the night before. I immediately knew what she meant and had her get on all fours on the bed. I easily slipped my cock into her soaked pussy and fucked her doggy style. I spanked her ass until it was a nice cherry red in color . We watched ourselves in the headboard mirrors. I love watching TW’s tits shake back and forth while I fuck her. Yes, I’m a voyeur and damn proud of it!

As we fucked, TW’s orgasms increased in intensity. I pulled out and she groaned in frustration but I had other plans for her. I had her stay on all fours and grabbed the rabbit. As I put it into her cunt, TW groaned in satisfaction. When I turned it on, TW scream out her orgasms into her pillow. I fucked her hard and deep with the rabbit, making sure our friend’s little ears were centered on her clit each time I pushed the vibrator end into her juicy pussy. Even on all fours, TW’s legs were weak. She finally rolled over but I kept up my attack on her clit and pussy with the rabbit and my tongue.

TW had worked her way to the foot of the bed. As she lay there panting, I took advantage and mounted her missionary style. I easily slid into her wet cunt and began to fuck her in ernest. When I put her legs up over my shoulders, TW came and wailed like a banshee. Her face contorted in pleasure, TW came on my cock. She screamed out my name over and over as I pummeled her pussy with my dick. I watched as her face turned red and her tits wobbled around. As I was getting close to coming, I planned for the finale.

I told TW I wanted to come on her. She squealed in delight and asked how I wanted to shoot my load. I told her lady’s choice and TW quickly grabbed a towel and sat down on the floor. I let her suck my cock a bit beforer I started to jerk myself off. TW moaned as I jerked my cock right in front of her face. From time to time she’d lick the head of my cock as I masturbated. Finally, I reached the point of no return. Standing up on my toes, I groaned as my come spurted from the head of my cock. I aimed the first shot at her mouth. BULLSEYE! When the first spurt hit her tongue, TW came. I don’t know if she was fingering herself or not, I just know she came.

As my come covered her chin and breasts, TW squealed in delight. She kept repeating, “Oh God, Oh God, Oh God, it feels so fucking hot!” over and over as my come splashed over her. I was finally spent. I felt my balls relax and I rushed to grab another towel to clean her off. Surprisingly, we didn’t get back in bed to catch some sleep before LP got home. Normally after such an orgasmic session we’re pretty wore out. Not this time.

This morning, TW’s a little sore, but we had a nice CG and 69 session to work out some of the kinks. TW had several strong orgasms this morning as well. Strong enough to let her get back to sleep as I headed off to work. Yeah, there’s nothing like putting my comptime to great use!

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