Hey! Look What I Found!

While cleaning our closet yesterday, TW came across “The Tape.” You know the one, that special tape that she and I have added to over the years. Well, we haven’t added anything for quite a few years,  but it’s okay. These days the additions would consist of a very sexy, very hot lady trying to make love to a whale. It wouldn’t be pretty, that’s for sure.

Anyway, we got into a discussion on what’s to be done with the tape. I say we keep it. TW would like to see it destroyed before we die but I say no way! I jokingly told her the kids would be grown by the time we die and they might actually want to publish it. Of course, there’s also the CDs and DVDs with all those pics on them. Bwahahahahahahahahahahaha, we’d be stars, dead stars for sure, but still stars! TW found that funny as well.

I like to watch the tape from time to time. Oh, it’s been quite a while since I last viewed it, but it never fails to arouse me and I can masturbate to an orgasm or two. I usually bring out the tape when TW and the kids are away for an extended time, say overnight. The best time was when she and Z took the kids to Wally World in Orlando. I had five days of being alone with my tape and my hands. Damn was I sore after that! 😉

So, what’s on the tape? Well, let’s see. There’s TW and I trying to make a baby in our front room. That portion of the tape is pretty damn hot. TW is fucking me RCG and the camera is on the floor with the focus on our joined genitals. At the last moment, TW pulls my cock out and you can see me squirting come all over her belly and thighs. Shit, I’m getting hard just remembering that, SWEET!

The rest of the tape is TW, dressed sexily, playing with herself and fucking herself with a dildo. Those segments were taped while I was at work. I used to work second and third shift in the early part of our marriage. TW would add to the tape every now and then so I could watch it later. Very hot! That girl has loved to play with herself ever since I met her. It’s like I opened Pandora’s Box, but in a good way. I’m certainly not gonna complain that’s for sure!

9 thoughts on “Hey! Look What I Found!

  1. MMD,

    This tape is too valuable to just leave in a box in the closet.

    I think what you should do is mail it to me for “Safe” and “Secure” storage.

    Don’t be afraid to add additional current content though. Believe me, I’m familiar with that whole sexy lady, and whale thing.

    Just let me know, and I can provide you with the address to ship it to. But, If that doesn’t work for you or TW, at least let me know when & where the private screening is. I could use a road trip about now, and this would be the best reason I’ve heard all week for a trip.

  2. Memories… Never get rid of that tape, but for sure transfer it to dvd, because tapes do degrade over time, and once a certain time has passed, rather quickly at that. I’ve transfer all the tapes of my kids growing up to dvd to insure the survival of them.

    Sign me up for that viewing party M-D 😉

  3. Only when we’re dead. 😉

    TW’s very protective of her identity. Me? I don’t really care all that much but to protect her and the kids, no vids, no faces.

    Sorry. 😦

    EDIT: Wait, what if we had a viewing party with all our favorite bloggers and the people who comment regularly. Yeah, that might work. 😉 Just don’t tell TW. Um, did I just hit Update Comment? Damn it!

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