Busy, Busy, Busy!

Hidee Ho Dear Readers,

Sorry for the lack of posts lately but we’ve been über busy lately. Wednesday we went to see CB play (they lost), yesterday I was in an all day training session and today I took half a vaca day just to catch up on my sleep. The trip to see CB was the killer. 8 hour drive, plus game time, had us home after 1:00 A.M. I had to be at work early on Thursday morning to travel to the training session so I was operating on little sleep. It’s all good though, the half vaca day today helped catch me up.

Oh, by the way, once again, the drivers were oblivious to TW as we drove. Too much cell phone and computer use I guess. She did get fingered though. She had some really intense orgasms again and yes, she once again blacked out for a bit, though she tried to deny it. This morning we were able to get in a nice, slow, orgasmic session that featured spoon and 69 and CG. I went back to sleep afterwards and TW went to work. Hopefully, we’ll get some more in tonight as we’re once again traveling to see CB play. LP will be coming with us this time, so, no play time in the car for the M-D’s. 😦

Hey, I found this pic online and found it funny.


I wonder if they custom make/fit them? I mean, that would be so cool to have TW wear a bra that had my hands molded into it, to help support her tits!

Most excellent!

Have a good weekend everyone!

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  1. It’s a long drive to see our son too. Luckily for us he’s not playing any sports so we get to choose when we visit.

    The spring soccer season for The Girl has started so we’re happy whenever we get an off weekend like this one that we can spend at home. Enjoy your weekend!

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