One And Done

Well, if you’ve come here to hear about the hot wild Monkey Sex we had last night, you’re gonna be very disappointed. TW fell asleep on the couch, I nearly fell asleep at the computer, and there was no sex to be had. Even this morning, we were both so wiped out that we didn’t think about sex. I know it happens, but it still frustrates us to no end. Oh well, there’s always tonight or tomorrow morning. So much for ending that funk, eh?

All Oral, All The Time

TW got treated to a wonderfully hot oral session last night. Once again, we were both pretty tired, but we were determined not to let that stop us. When TW got to bed, I massaged her body from head to toe. When I got down to her ass, I playfully slapped it a few times. She quickly changed positions and offered up her pussy to my lips and tongue. I dove right in and TW was had herself several very strong, legs locked around my head, pussy grinding into my face, almost falling off the bed orgasms. It was short, sweet and very hot. I got to twist and pull on her nipples as well. We drifted off to sleep not too long afterward and both of us had a pretty good night’s sleep. Next up on the agenda: some pussy pounding, hair pulling, ass spanking, face fucking, come wearing sex.

Our Departure Will Be Delayed Due To Mechanical Problems

No, not those kinds of mechanical problems. I’m talking about the faulty wiring in my head lately. I’m still not right and it shows, both in my actions and in our lack of sexing it up lately. I have to learn to NOT blog here when I’m not right in the head. It just confuses people and makes me look like a whiny bitch. (Okay, I AM a whiney bitch, but you folks don’t need to deal with that.) I have another blog where I can let my whiny bitch run free.

Anyway, due to a very busy schedule, and the fact that I’m fucked in the head, we haven’t had any sex lately. In fact, I think the weekend was sexless. THAT hasn’t happened, other than when TW has her period, in a long time. I’m hoping this damned mental illness disappears soon. I’m sure TW’s period is due to arrive soon and I don’t want to leave her hanging.

“Who The Fuck Are You?”

“Who are you?
Who, who, who, who?
Who are you?
Who, who, who, who?
I really wanna know
(Who are you? Who, who, who, who?)
Oh, tell me, who are you?
(Who are you? Who?)
I really wanna know
Oh, I really wanna know
Come on tell me, who are you, you, you, oh, you?”

Who Are You, by The Who

TW and I live a fine line in our blogging life. How much info do we give out without revealing too much of who we are and where we live. I have to resist the temptation to give out too much info. Yes, I’m a braggart. People who knew us in the past would be shocked, no, make that


to discover who writes this blog, not to mention current family and co-workers who might recognize themselves in these posts. TW and I really both wish we could just be totally open with our readers but, let’s be realistic; in this country, being naked and having fun is SINFUL! Just take a look around at the headlines about people losing their jobs because they posed nude years before they got their jobs. Hell, raping the planet and plundering people’s life savings is all fine and dandy, but, don’t you dare get naked! No, not for you. Our priorities here in the States are totally fucked up. I mean, I take Jesus’ words, “Love Thy Neighbor” literally. Trust me, I have a list of my neighbors and FCs that I want to shower my love upon. 😉

So, for now, we remain anonymous. I don’t know if TW will ever change her mind about that. She still freaks about the kids and her family finding our pics. I say, let them find them. We’re married, we have sex, let them just fucking deal with it. I’m hoping once the kids are out of the house and TW and I move far, far, far away from her family that we’ll be able to reveal ourselves. Of course, the blog will be different, it will be “Over 60 Married Sex.” Then TW will worry about the grandkids finding out.  😉

EDIT: I have been in a foul mood lately. It came to a head last night at LP’s game. I reverted back to the loud mouthed, angry parent that I was before. Not good. I don’t know what caused it. The girls on the team played their hearts out and we did win, but something wasn’t right with me. For a while, I thought I was having a heart attack. Maybe I’m gonna die soon. I don’t know. I just know that everything is pissing me off, including this blog. I’ve turned off comments before, since no one seemed to be using them. I’m tempted to do that again. We ask for feedback and get zip, nada, zero. Fuck it. If all anyone cares about is pics,  then that’s the direction I’ll go.

I’ve said before that we don’t care about stats but it’s frustrating to watch them go off the chart every time we post pics. Well, if that’s the way folks want it, we can do that. Less recaps and more net pics seem to be what everyone likes, so maybe that’s the way I’ll go. TW could care less what I do. She’s told me before that she can live without it and, since I do the vast majority of updating it, it might be a step I take. I don’t know. I’m gonna wait until I calm down a bit before making a decision, or not, who the fuck cares and who the fuck knows?

Short But Sweet And Orgasmic

TW and I enjoyed a very short, but very hot, session last night. We were both pretty tired but I gave TW a nice massage and playfully teased her pussy. We still didn’t think we’d get it in but once we  started kissing, well, things  “sprung up” quite nicely. TW and I have always enjoyed kissing. There’s just something about being lip locked with someone that turns the two of us on. As we kissed, TW played with my hardening cock while I teased her nipples with my fingertips.

TW then took control and mounted up CG style. She rocked her hips back and forth while humping my cock. We continued our passionate kisses as TW rode me to one strong orgasm after another. When I suckled her tits, TW’s pussy creamed on my dick. TW had some pretty intense orgasms before rolling off me and on to her side. I tucked in behind her, spread her pussy lips with my fingers and thrust my cock into her hot cunt.

I pumped TW quickly and deeply. I’m sure the cabinets were shaking like crazy. We didn’t care. I pumped faster and faster until I pulled out and TW took my cock into her mouth. I let loose with a very large load. I had my first triple orgasm in a long time. What a rush! TW swallowed it all, not spilling a drop. What a good, little cock sucker. We then cuddled up and fell asleep.

To say the two of us needed last night’s session would be an understatement. We’ve both been on edge lately but I think last night’s orgasms took care of that. WHEW!