Eww, Did That Come Out Of Me?

Day 2 of horking up gobs of, God knows what. At least it’s slowed down today. I’ve been overdosing on the Day/NightQuil and taking handfuls of vitamins. And, of course, drinking all the fluids I can. Oh, I’m at work too. That’s been exciting in and of itself.

I’ll be staying away from TW for the foreseeable future. She and LP are going away this weekend to attend a concert, and I don’t want to get her sick. It would definitely be a bummer. So, I guess I’ll just be sitting around, playing with myself. Maybe I’ll pull that movie out this weekend, or, perhaps, reorganize the “dirty box.”

Yeah, that’s the ticket!

3 thoughts on “Eww, Did That Come Out Of Me?

  1. “Dirty Box” ???
    Huh,… I didn’t know it was all supposed to be in one box.
    No wonder I can never find the wifes dildo when we need it.

    Once your done reviewing the contents, and reorganizing your box, get me the instructions on how to properly outfit a “dirty Box” so I don’t run into this kind of problem in the future.

    And if you want to include a copy of your tape as a “starter” item, that would be much appreciated.

    hope your feeling better, and that your weekend turns out all productive and all.

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