Tonight’s The Night!

As I type this at work, TW and LP are getting ready to head out of town.

Oh boy is this great!

Of course, I’m still sick as a dog, so it looks like my bachelor night will be spent like my nights when I was single: home alone, watching TV, jerking off, falling asleep. Yeah, ain’t I the greatest? It’s a wonder that I’m married at all! While my friends were going out to clubs, I spent my nights by myself. I was way too damn shy growing up and would never have the courage to just walk up to a woman and say hi. How the hell I managed to snag a hottie like TW is beyond me.

Although, being all alone and spending my days and nights dreaming of having sex, reading Penthouse Letters, jerking off, and fantasizing about sex with all kinds of women probably have made me the lover I am today. I guess it was a pretty good trade off. Now, if I only could convince TW to let me sleep with other women. You know, as a scientific experiment, to see if I really am as good as she says I am.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to prepare for the cleaning of the “dirty box” tonight.

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