Oh My Fucking God!

TW and I had a great, animalistic session last night. It was actually quite unexpected. LP, at the last minute, decided to attend a friend’s game last night. When she told us, TW and I just looked at each other, out of the corners of our eyes, and smiled little smiles.

As soon as LP left, TW and I sprinted upstairs to the bedroom and got naked. We positioned ourselves face to face and kissed. Oh, was that fun! Since I’ve been sick, we’ve avoided kissing to prevent TW from getting whatever the fuck I have. To be able to feel her lips against mine, to tongue wrestle again, what a rush! As we kissed, TW was fondling my now growing cock. I took the time to playfully slap her ass from time to time until TW reminded me she’d like to be spanked. Who am I to turn down a gorgeous lady’s request?

I reached into the headboard and brought out the ping-pong paddle. I gently, but liberally, applied the paddle to TW’s sexy ass. I soon had TW hot and ready and easily slid my dick into her hot, wet pussy in one stroke. We fucked Spoon style as I continued to swat her ass every now and then. TW had put her hair up in a pony tail and I took the opportunity to grab it and pull her head back so she could she how hot she looks in the headboard mirror. TW just groaned and moaned in orgasm as I told her what a hot, dirty slut she is. Her hips rocked back and forth as I pulled her head back and violently pumped her pussy.

TW wanted to mount up CG style, so I quickly got on my back and she climbed aboard. Oh the spanking my honey did receive. I really worked her ass with the paddle as she orgasmed on my cock. My cock easily slid into her soaked pussy as TW rode my cock. I worked my cock in and out of her sloppy cunt while I liberally applied the paddle to her backside. On each stroke, TW’s body would jump. As I paddled her ass faster and faster, TW’s orgasms became stronger and stronger. She had her back arched and was wildly moaning and crying out. She was calling herself all kinds of names and telling me what a hot slut she is, mentioning that she was my hot slut over and over. I couldn’t agree more.

TW then dismounted and we moved back to spoon position. As we were fucking, the phone rang. God damn it! By the time I got to it, the person had hung up. (It was FM calling about dinner.)  Fuck! Phonus Interruptus. My dick was wilting fast. TW asked if we should spoon some more but I had another idea. I latched onto her tit and played with her pussy. The reaction was immediate. TW began to come violently, thrashing about the bed and screaming and moaning. I continued my oral and manual assault until I finally told her I wanted her slut mouth around my dick.

TW squealed in delight and asked me where I wanted her. I told her side of the bed on the floor. I came back with a towel and we got right down to business. TW had rearranged her pony tail more towards the top of her head. “Just so you have something to hold on to,” she slyly smiled at me. I had her open her mouth and pushed my cock deep into her throat.

She gagged a bit but quickly adjusted to my rhythm. I grabbed hold of her pony tail and began roughly fuck her face. TW was having a ball. Her tongue glided across my shaft each time I pulled my cock free of her sucking mouth. I had a tight hold on her pony tail as I told her what a good cock sucking slut she was. Each time I mentioned it, TW would take more of my dick into her throat. Every once in a while I’d pull out and just jerk my shaft in front of her face.

Oh God, don’t tease me like that. Cover me with your come. I’m your slut, I’m your whore. Oh fuck, oh fuck, come on me!” TW screamed as I tugged and pulled on my cock.

I could see her other hand was busy with her pussy, teasing and finger fucking herself to one wild orgasm after another. I pushed my cock deep into her mouth again and she gagged a bit. This only made me want to shove more of my dick into her mouth and I wasn’t satisfied until I felt my balls slap against her chin. TW was in a constant state of arousal. Her hand was a blur as it worked her cunt and she kept asking me to feed her my come.

I finally reached the point of no return. Holding her head fast by her pony tail, I stroked my cock right in front of her face. TW moaned that she wanted it all, she wanted me to cover her in my come. I was about to fulfill her wish.

I moaned loudly as the first spurt hit my honey’s lips. TW screamed loudly and came. I held her head steady and jerked my come all over her face and tits. Spurt after glorious spurt landed on her lips, in her mouth and all over her tits. She was a total mess by the time I had finished. I hadn’t come in a week and it showed. There was come on her face, her neck, her tits, all the way down to her belly button where it pooled. TW collapsed against the bed as I continued to drip drops of come on her tits.

I watched as TW played with her pussy some more, reveling in the feel of my come on her body and her finger tips on her clit. She had another two or three very strong orgasms before I got the chance to clean her up. After I finished toweling her off, she was still busy playing with her ever ready pussy, making herself come one last time.

WOW! What a fucking hot come slut I have. I can’t wait to use her again, and again, and again. Who knows? Maybe I’ll share her out next time we’re in the woods fucking around. I’m sure she’d enjoy it. Hell, she won’t be able to do anything about it anyway. I’ll have her tied down to a picnic table or, perhaps, to a tree limb, down on her knees, ready to serve. I bet she’d like that!

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