Two Fer One

TW and I had a couple of very nice, orgasmic sessions this morning. It’s good to be a gangsta, and, it’s good to be finally getting over this damned cold. It’s been a rough two weeks of no sex. Hopefully, TW and I will make up for it in the coming days.

The first session was a surprise for TW. She’s often told me that if I find myself with a morning hardon, I shouldn’t be afraid to roll over and use it. Well, after visiting the bathroom at about four in the morning, I found myself with a raging hard on. Hmm, what to do, WHAT to do?

I got back in bed and cuddled up behind TW. Even in her sleepy state she could feel my hard cock throbbing against her ass. She reached back, took hold of my cock and positioned it at the entrance of her pussy. As always, TW was wet and ready to go. I worked my cock into her cunt and we had ourselves a nice, sleepy, but orgasmic, spoon session. While we fucked, I did something I swore I wouldn’t do anymore. Yes, that’s right, I thought about fucking one of the SILs, Z, to be exact. She’s always been my go to fuck crush. Damn her and her sexy body! Of course, TW was involved in the daydream as well. Can’t have one without the other you know.

In the dream, Z and I were in her bedroom. Her bedroom has a nice, big, four post bed, along with a wall of mirrors. We started off kissing and playing with one another before moving on to the main event. I didn’t fuck her, I left that job for our big black dildo. I suction cupped it against the mirrored wall, had her back onto it and off we went. As she fucked herself on that big black dick, I was busily fucking her face. TW, naked and hot, walked into the room and proceeded to grind her wet pussy on my face. I eagerly lapped and licked at her wet cunt, making her scream out in orgasm. I heard and felt Z moan around my cock as she fucked herself silly on the dildo. The mirrors were wet around the fake cock as Z had several very strong orgasms and squirted her juices all over the mirrors. The daydream ended soon after with all four sisters tied to the sides of the bed, legs and arms spread out, pussies waiting for my cock.

The second session was much more in your face and wild. After getting LP off to school, TW came back to bed. When she entered the bedroom, I was stretched out on the bed, hard cock sticking straight up, waiting for her to mount up. TW quickly stripped down and mounted my cock. She easily slid down, until her pussy lips tickled my ball sack. Damn, it always feels great to be in her pussy. It’s so damned hot and wet.

TW started to fuck herself on my dick while I played with her tits and nipples. Just watching her come is a delight. She throws her head back, tits jutting out proudly, while her hips rock back and forth. I love watching her come, especially when she can really let go, like this morning. She moaned, she groaned, she screamed, her body was in constant motion. God, I love running my hands all over her body while she fucks me. It’s the greatest feeling in the world.

After a while, TW wanted some oral action so we switched to 69. TW took my cock into her mouth and I eagerly licked her pussy, once she lowered it onto my face (she’s such a tease sometimes) TW had some of the strongest orgasms of the morning as I ate her out and fucked her face. When I started to spank her, she exploded. Her pussy gushed on my face as each stroke found it’s mark. By the end of the 69 session, TW’s ass was bright red and hot to the touch. She even tried to stop me at one point but I grabbed her hand and held it fast. This seemed to cause her to orgasm even harder. I really must tie her up more often. As I pumped her face and she ground her wet pussy against my face, I reached down and twisted her nipple. TW moaned loudly around my cock and I felt her pussy gush. Yummy!

TW rolled off me and assumed the spoon position. I easily slipped into her well lubed pussy and started to stroke her hard and fast. I felt my orgasm build so I withdrew my dick and got down between her legs. More pussy for breakfast! I eagerly lapped and licked her clit. Her legs squeezed my head as she came violently several times. We thrashed around the bed as I kept my lips upon her pussy and my fingers pulled and pinched her nipples.  She had one final violent orgasm before drifting off to sleep. I suckled on her nipples as she slept before kissing her upside down.  She laughed saying my beard was tickling her face. I headed for the shower and TW got some more sleep, while I headed off to work.

It was a very nice start to, what we hope will be, a very orgasmic period before her next cycle arrives. Word is, we’ll be alone when I get home tonight. Let the screaming begin! 😉

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