Not Home Alone, No, Not For You!

Well, like everything else in our life lately, our night alone was not. By the time I finished working on my servers last night, both LP and FM were home. It was okay though, TW and I got in a wonderful session last night. We got in another great one this morning as well.

Last night, I was lieing in bed waiting for TW. I feigned being asleep and TW called my bluff by stripping down and sitting on my face. What a woman! I ate her to several orgasms before we switched it up and went at it spoon style. I fucked TW hard and fast, not worrying if the kids heard us or not. (Okay, to be honest, FM was on a road trip last night and LP was fast asleep on the couch, so, in reality, neither one of them had the chance to hear us.) We finished up with TW sucking me off to a delightful, mouth filling, double orgasm. Like the true cock sucking slut she is, she didn’t miss a drop. We soon fell fast asleep.

This morning, much like yesterday, I stayed in bed until TW got LP off to school. TW came back to the bedroom to find me, once again, stretched out on the bed, throbbing hardon in hand. TW quickly stripped down and teased my dick with her lips and tits. She then mounted up CG style and rode me for all she was worth. I suckled on her breasts and pulled her hair. TW recently got a haircut and commented that it hurt a bit more when I tugged on her shorter hair. Still, it didn’t stop her from orgasming.

We then switched to Spoon style and I fucked TW hard and fast from behind. After a few orgasms, we switched it up again and hit 69. Damn, I LOVE pussy in the morning! TW loves it when I eat her, and not just in the morning. TW sucked my dick while I worked her pussy into a sloppy mess. My face was covered with her juices as I feasted on her cunt.

For our finale, I decided to take her doggy style on the edge of the bed. Standing on my tip toes, I drove my cock fast and deep into her pussy. TW screamed out her orgasms into the bed. I finally had to pull out because I was close to coming. TW asked if I was alright. I told her no, but she could make it alright by sucking on my dick. She scooted over and took my cock into her mouth. I lasted no more than ten seconds or so before I shot a large load down my honey’s throat. TW swallowed it all and proudly exclaimed that she didn’t miss a drop. God, I love this woman!

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