Short But Sweet And Orgasmic

TW and I enjoyed a very short, but very hot, session last night. We were both pretty tired but I gave TW a nice massage and playfully teased her pussy. We still didn’t think we’d get it in but once we  started kissing, well, things  “sprung up” quite nicely. TW and I have always enjoyed kissing. There’s just something about being lip locked with someone that turns the two of us on. As we kissed, TW played with my hardening cock while I teased her nipples with my fingertips.

TW then took control and mounted up CG style. She rocked her hips back and forth while humping my cock. We continued our passionate kisses as TW rode me to one strong orgasm after another. When I suckled her tits, TW’s pussy creamed on my dick. TW had some pretty intense orgasms before rolling off me and on to her side. I tucked in behind her, spread her pussy lips with my fingers and thrust my cock into her hot cunt.

I pumped TW quickly and deeply. I’m sure the cabinets were shaking like crazy. We didn’t care. I pumped faster and faster until I pulled out and TW took my cock into her mouth. I let loose with a very large load. I had my first triple orgasm in a long time. What a rush! TW swallowed it all, not spilling a drop. What a good, little cock sucker. We then cuddled up and fell asleep.

To say the two of us needed last night’s session would be an understatement. We’ve both been on edge lately but I think last night’s orgasms took care of that. WHEW!

2 thoughts on “Short But Sweet And Orgasmic

  1. Emma and I will be proably be hors de combat for three days at our daughter’s place. I hope we manage a session like yours when we get back.

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