Our Departure Will Be Delayed Due To Mechanical Problems

No, not those kinds of mechanical problems. I’m talking about the faulty wiring in my head lately. I’m still not right and it shows, both in my actions and in our lack of sexing it up lately. I have to learn to NOT blog here when I’m not right in the head. It just confuses people and makes me look like a whiny bitch. (Okay, I AM a whiney bitch, but you folks don’t need to deal with that.) I have another blog where I can let my whiny bitch run free.

Anyway, due to a very busy schedule, and the fact that I’m fucked in the head, we haven’t had any sex lately. In fact, I think the weekend was sexless. THAT hasn’t happened, other than when TW has her period, in a long time. I’m hoping this damned mental illness disappears soon. I’m sure TW’s period is due to arrive soon and I don’t want to leave her hanging.

2 thoughts on “Our Departure Will Be Delayed Due To Mechanical Problems

  1. We all go through periods of non-action, lot of it due to stress in our daily lives.
    I`m sure very soon the ship will be righted.

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