People Search For The Most Interesting Things

Since we’re currently experiencing sexus-interruptus, let’s take a look at what people have used to arrive here:

milf shopping” – really? Can I get them on sale?

pleasure my married pussy” – it would be my pleasure

cow girl=spanked” – DEFINITELY!

gangbang wife” – don’t I wish!

she shit in her mouth” – WTF? WHAT? NO! GROSS!

hotofficesex,com” – it’s been way too long.

pony fucks deep in her” -WHAT? NO!

pulling pony tail doggie style” – Now, THAT’S more like it!

Interesting, no?

5 thoughts on “People Search For The Most Interesting Things

  1. Most people don’t know that they are supposed to enclose a phrase that they want to search for in quotation marks. So they often end up on sites that don’t have what they are looking for. For us, the top search strings are related to our blog; but some of the ones farther down the list are “interesting”.

    P.S. Like Alfro, I hope our interruption is a short one.

  2. MD,

    Why is it that when people search for me, they find me searching “fat old guy falls asleep on the Sofa”

    Obviously, you and TW are much more exciting.

    Hope your sexus-interuptus break is a short one.


    • Hey, I’m not judging, just reporting. Scat doesn’t do anything for me except make me want to throw up, but if it’s someone else’s cup o’ tea, well, good for them. Whatever floats your boat is my motto.

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