Busy Weekend

TW and I hope that all the mothers out there who read this blog had a great Mother’s Day yesterday. TW had a pretty good day. No breakfast in bed, but she did get her some, if you know what we mean. The day was spent just hanging out. LP made her breakfast and then I cooked steaks and FM made the side dish for dinner. The kids also handled the cleanup after dinner so TW didn’t have to do much. Saturday, LP and I were working a tournament for the club she belongs to. It was a lot of fun and thankfully we had some decent weather.

As for sex, well, let’s see. Friday I had pussy as a pre dinner snack and I got to fuck TW’s throat. After having ate her to all kinds of orgasms (including several where she screamed into a towel,) I offered TW my dick while her head hung off the bed. She eagerly sucked me into her mouth and I proceeded to face fuck her. As my dick slid in and out of her throat, her fingers were busy playing with her pussy. I reached down, forcing my cock deeper into her throat, and took over playing with her pussy. TW’s orgasms were violent as she sucked my cock and I played with her clit. I didn’t come but TW had fun anyway. Friday night we fucked spoon style as TW enjoyed some nice, relaxing orgasms.

No sex on Saturday, but we certainly made up for it on Sunday. Sunday morning featured TW riding me CG style and getting some nice pussy pounding Spoon style. Sunday night, TW once again rode me hard and fast CG style. I played with her nipples and tits as well. We then switched to Spoon style where I pounded TW to one orgasm after another. I really gave it to her hard. In fact, the headboard was shaking so much, I thought we’d hear a knock on the door to see if we were okay. I’m guessing all the kids were upstairs in bed already, so no one heard the cabinet doors rockin’  😉  We then finished up the session with me blowing a double load down TW’s throat. She’s such a damn good cock sucking slut! She had me shooting off in no time as her tongue and lips worked their magic on my dick. She swallowed every drop and we drifted off to sleep.

A very nice start to the week for sure. We should be getting in more sessions as LP’s season is winding down. Let’s hope so!

3 thoughts on “Busy Weekend

  1. ahh…
    The Mothers Day gift that keeps on giving.

    Glad to hear TW had a good mothers day.

    Hope the rest of the week is just a enjoyable.

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