Kitty Lickin’ Good!

Got home from work last night and got myself some delicious pussy almost as soon as I got in the door. TW was cooking dinner so, she turned the heat down on the meal and turned the heat up in the bedroom. I followed her sexy ass up the stairs and into the bedroom.

TW stripped down in a flash and I soon followed. I got down between her thighs and proceeded to lick my honey to several strong orgasms. I can really get to like this. It’s fun and a wonderful way to relieve the stress of my drive home. I get to focus on pleasing my honey and she gets to focus on keeping quiet and not alerting the kids to what we’re doing. After a few more orgasms, we were ready to have dinner.

Last night we had a wonderfully spirited spoon session as well. Lieing in bed, TW and I began to kiss and fondle one another. Pretty soon I was balls deep in her cunt, furiously pounding her to one orgasm after another. When I grabbed her hair and pulled, TW’s pussy gushed all over my cock and balls. She screamed out her orgasm into her pillow as I continued to pound her hard, deep and fast. It was a great way to end the day.

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