Late Night Session

TW and I got in a nice little session right before bed, and, right before One A.M. local time. We got sucked into a very stupid zombie movie (or as TW likes to say, a normal zombie movie because ALL zombie movies are stupid) and stayed up way past our normal bed time. Yes youngins, it IS a bitch getting old!

As I awaited TW to come out of the bathroom, I was stretched out sideways on the bed. I had my eyes closed when TW arrived and she immediately began sucking on my dick. I thought Mr. Happy was gonna have another failure, but after TW moved up to kiss me, Mr. Happy got very happy indeed!

TW mounted up CG style and I played with her tits and nipples, pinching and pulling on them as she came on my cock. I also got some delightfully delicious sucking in as well, as TW would fall forward from time to time as she came. We then moved to Spoon style and TW enjoyed some very intense orgasms, especially when I tugged on her hair. We then drifted off to sleep, as I had no urge to come.

We’ve got another pretty busy weekend coming up, so sex time is going to be at a minimum. I’m sure we can fit it in somewhere. 😉

Have a good weekend everyone.

One thought on “Late Night Session

  1. Out of curiosity, what is your “normal bedtime”? I’m a night person and my wife is more of a morning person so we met somewhere in the middle.

    Have a good weekend. We’ve got nothing to do on Saturday, so we know ours is going to be good.

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