Praising God On A Sunday Morning

TW and I praised God, (in bed, in our own unique way,) yesterday morning. We had a rousing sex session that featured Spoon, CG, Oral, 69 and lots of flogging.

We started off Spoon style but quickly positioned ourselves in CG. As I pumped TW’s sopping wet cunt and suckled on her tits, TW reached over and pulled out the flogger. YES! I quickly began to strap her ass as she humped me to one orgasm after another. She had some really violent orgasms, especially when I would take her nipples into my mouth.

TW then got off me and positioned her pussy over my face. As we 69’d, I again grabbed the flogger and worked over her sexy ass. As each stroke fell, TW took more of my dick into her mouth. Her nose was soon rubbing my balls as her pussy soaked my face and her whole body shook as she orgasmed. She finally gave up on sucking my cock to focus on her orgasms. I thumb fucked her for a bit before she got off me.

She didn’t stay disconnected very long though as she then sat on my face. YES! I love it when she does this. I can watch her face as she comes on my tongue. I can also grab hold of those marvelous titties of her and play with them all I want. After a few more bed rocking orgasms, TW and I started our days.

Praise God! Allelujah!

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