So, I Was Thinking.

I  had a brainstorm this morning, but, unfortunately, it was just a light shower. It did get me to thinking about how much I love sex and think about it on a daily basis.

I think I’ve mentioned before that I have a very active fantasy life, both normal and sexual. I’ve always been a day dreamer. I have that hero complex thing going on as well, hence my desire to “rescue” the SILs from their humdrum sex lives. So, how much do I really think about sex on a daily basis?


Literally, I think about sex probably every 5-10 minutes. Seriously. I get up to get a cup of coffee,  I wonder what the ladies will be wearing today. Is it low cut, tight, revealing? I wonder how they’d be in bed with TW and I. TW’s always part of my daydreaming, wether it be with her sisters, my co-workers, old girlfriends, or the always present group of guys, TW’s is there. She’s such a BIG part of my life, I can’t leave her out!

On the drive to and from work, all I think about is having TW next to me flashing her titties at truck drivers. I have one fantasy where her and X and Z take turns riding in the passenger seat flashing. Hell, I have one where two out of the three are flashing truckers, one in front and one in back. Yeah, good times. Then there’s the fantasy where we get pulled over by the cops, one male, one female. The take turns using and abusing TW while I’m forced to watch from the backseat of the cruiser. That’s one of TW’s favorites as well.

Growing up as shy as I was, my fantasy life was always a release. I was so painfully shy, I couldn’t approach a girl and talk to her. I’d start sweating and getting all nervous, not very endearing to the critical eye of a grade school crush. So, I internalized a LOT. When I discovered porn, it was great. I fell in love with it. Every chance I got I was reading stories or looking at pics. I love all kinds of porn, but have a special place in my heart (or dick, whichever you prefer) for group sex and come shots. Whenever I feel down or stressed, porn gets me out of my funk. I’ve written stories on Literotica under several different nome de plumes and enjoy getting the fantasies out of my head and into the “real” world.

Okay, so where is this all heading? I believe the wonderful, varied sex life that TW and I enjoy is a direct result of my thinking about sex all the time. Am I a sex addict? No, I don’t believe I am. Although I think about it a lot, I’m not actively ruining my marriage and lifetime commitment to TW by seeking it outside of our bed. Oh, I’d love to have sex with each and every woman I see that arouses me, but it’s definitely sex that includes TW.

When we first started getting serious enough to get married, TW and I made an agreement: If someone wanted to have sex with one of us, they’d have to have sex with both of us. It’s worked pretty well over the years, although I do have to admit, I came very close to breaking that vow. I’m not proud of it and yes, alcohol was VERY much involved. In fact, it’s one of the reasons I watch my alcohol intake carefully these days. Well, that and I’m an old fart and my liver gives me grief if I drink heavily. Anyway, I tend to get infatuated with sexy women very easily (see “S” from work) and get taken in if they show me any type of interest or affection. (That is, I read it wrong. I think they want to sex me while they think of me as a friend. ) If I was seeing a head shrinker, they’d probably tell me it was my issues of abandonment since I was given up for adoption. Yeah, right. I’m getting over that though. I keep tight reign on my emotions these days and realize, much to my chagrin, that women don’t think of me “that way.” I don’t fall in puppy love like I used to. Yes, dear readers, I’m an attention whore, but then you already knew that.

So, TW is the focus of my fantasies and daydreams. I really would love to see her gangbanged or be the focus of a swinger’s party. I think she’d have a blast with it and I’d be pretty damned psyched as well. It’s funny, as long as we’ve been fucking around, we still get turned on by one another. A small kiss here and a playful grab there and I’m ready to get down between her legs and please her any way I can. Our sex life has definitely improved over the years and only seems to be getting better as the years go by. I’m loving every second of it and looking forward to many more years of fantasy fun.

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  1. We’ve had approximately three 3-ways, twice with the same guy (Mr. Creepy). Two out of the three featured penetration sex, the other one was all oral. That’s about as grouped as we get.

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