Speaking Of Hot Over Forty Married Sex….

TW and I had quite the orgasmic session this morning. I was up early to make sure LP was up to study for a test today. When I got back to bed, I thought I’d try out my newly shaved face on TW’s pussy. You know, just to make sure it feels good for her. 😉

Before we got to that part of the session though, I put TW through her paces via a wonderfully orgasmic Spoon and CG session. I suckled on her marvelous titties and worked her pussy until it was a sloppy, wet mess. Time to test out my face.

I pulled out of TW’s cunt and told her I needed to try my face out on her pussy. She squealed with delight and we quickly moved into 69. Oh the orgasms my honey did have! In face, she almost drew blood from my dick with her teeth. It’s all good though, as my tongue did a magical dance on her clit. I even found a new way to make her orgasm harder than she usually does. A little hair tugging while 69’ing goes a long way to getting my baby hotter than hell. By the time I was finished, TW was a panting, breathless, satisfied woman. I gently suckled on her breasts as she came down from her orgasmic high. I then moved over her and entered her Missionary style.

We didn’t fuck very long this way as I needed to come. I asked her if she’d like to swallow or wear my come. She chose to swallow my load. Well, for the first time in a very long time, TW didn’t swallow every drop. She was lieing face down on the bed, propped up on her elbows, sucking on my cock. I grabbed her head and fucked her face for all I was worth. When I shot my load, it went straight to the back of her throat and TW temporarily lost the ability to breath while her throat tried to process my come. I heard her gag a couple of times but I was too focused on emptying my load into her mouth. When I finally finished, TW had a mouthful of come, which she then quickly sucked down. I shot a rather large load as I haven’t come in a while.

After showering and coming back to the bed, I noticed a wet spot right about where TW’s head was positioned as she sucked me off.

Hmm, you seemed to have missed some, sexy.

Yeah, well, I was a little short of air for a while. Your first shot hit the back of my throat and my airway closed. You kept coming and coming and coming, it was hard for me to catch up. But, as you know, I did, didn’t I?

Yeah, Hot Stuff, you sure did. You sure do like my come don’t you?

“Mmm, good.

Nice way to start the day.

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